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February 24, 2019
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Hearing Loss and Dementia
March 4, 2019
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Looking to the future

Gn Resound

CES Las Vegas

CES is the largest consumer electronics show in the world. It basically allows all manufacturers new or established to show case ideas that are about to be launched or prototypes that will be put into production. It’s basically geek heaven and it just happens to be in the devils backyard Las Vegas.

Lets take a look at some of the cool stuff on show from hearing aid manufacturers.

GN Resound – Gn Resound is a company that was established over 150 years ago. Known now for their high quality and premium hearing aids back then they were known for communication in a different way. They were the first company to introduce a telegraph line from Europe to Asia basically the internet of its time. 

This year at CES GN resound have not only been showcasing their brilliant hearing aid the Resound Linx Quattro they are also claiming to showcase the most intuitive and personalised hearing aids that will adapt to daily life. 

Gn Resound

How are they doing this? 

Their new hearing aids will adapt to the hearing aid users personal preferences no matter the environment the hearing aid user finds themselves in. Gn has worked hard on developing this they even built a dedicated in house AI (Artificial Intelligence) research centre. 

Marcus Desimoni CEO of GN Resound comments – 

At GN, we believe that technology is at its best when it helps address people’s everyday needs and challenges. Employing AI technology in GN’s products brings this specific technology and innovation to the hearing aid space and is the first step in the journey to create a seamless hearing experience that will allow hearing aid users to ‘forget’ that they are wearing one. This is core to GN’s purpose of making life sound better,”

The new AI learning will be added to their already amazing Linx Quattro hearing aids and is due to hit America in February. Probably expect it to land in the UK for autumn. 

Whats exciting for users of GN Resound hearing aids is that through the use of AI GN hearing aid users will have a continues stream of updates and new user benefits through future software releases.

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