With people waiting up to 10 years to do something about their hearing a lot can happen in this time. We find people slowly withdraw from situations they once loved. Friends and family start to treat them differently.

Hearing loss is an invisible problem so its difficult for both sufferers and family to understand.

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Asking people to repeat themselves particularly in background noise.
Loud TV that has the family and neighbours complaining.
Feeling left out of conversations in restaurants, pubs or family gatherings.
Thinking everyone is always mumbling, if people would just speak more clearly. 
Children's & female voices tend to be tougher to hear.
Avoiding those places and events that you once loved.
Making excuses about not going anywhere any longer.
Free flowing conversations can be difficult to follow.
Saying pardon then answering the question anyway.
Others telling you you're having problems (You're always the worst judge of your own hearing).
Missing information at important work events such as meetings and seminars.
Feeling exhausted at the end of the day.
All of these symptoms are easy to fix. The sooner you do it the easier it will be to get the brain back on track and feeling younger again. Remember if you leave it to long the cognitive abilities in the brain can age.

Stay young and involved.

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