Phonak & Unitron Phone

First of all, Phonak has a hearing aid called the Phonak Marvel and Unitron has a hearing aid called the Discover. Both hearing aids have a system and chip called Sword. This chip allows you to connect directly to any phone whether it be android or google and stream either Phone calls to both ears through the hearing aids or stream music and movies to both hearing aids.

Not only does it work with a Phone but with any tablet as well. It does this using Bluetooth. Most hearing aids are now known as Bluetooth hearing aids so can link to phones and tablets what makes both Phonak and Unitrons Hearing aids different is that they stream direct without an intermediary device to your phone regardless of manufacturer of phone.

TV Streamer

Phonak Marvel & Unitron Discover hearing instruments also use the sword chip to stream TV direct to their hearing aids. To do this you use the TV streamer.

The proprietary technology uses 2.4Ghz streaming protocol to provide energy efficient transfer to the hearing aids. This means best in class battery life for your hearing aids.

The TV streamer using the Sword chip delivers the sound to the hearing aids in such a quick fashion there is no perceived delay. This is essential for quality of entertainment.

The Phonak TV streamer is compatible with

Phonak Audeo B

Phonak Audeo B Direct

Phonak Audeo M Phonak Marvel

Phonak Audeo M Phonak Marvel


Unitron Moxi All

Unitron Discover

Unitron Discover

Remote Mic

Unfortunately, the latest product from both Phonak and Unitron don’t support a remote mic function. It is believed that the Audeo Marvel and Discover Hearing aids are going to have direct connectivity to Roger but there is a delay in launch.

If you own the Phonak Marvel or Discover Hearing aids then you may have some short comings in the near term but if the rumour is correct and direct connection is coming then you will potentially have the greatest package on the hearing instrument market.