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Virto Black by Phonak
New Hearing Aid Technology on the Horizon
February 2, 2020
Signia Xperience Hearing Aids
NEW Signia Xperience
August 11, 2020
Virto Black by Phonak
New Hearing Aid Technology on the Horizon
February 2, 2020
Signia Xperience Hearing Aids
NEW Signia Xperience
August 11, 2020
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Want to hear just like a queen?

The Queen wearing Signia Silk NX

Try the same hearing aids the queen owns for 2 weeks free of charge and with no obligation.

The queen was spotted wearing a hearing aid and the press went wild!

Why should we be surprised after all The Queen is 93 which means she has a 90% chance of having some form of hearing loss. 

But lets take a closer look at what she is actually wearing! 

What we can see in the Queens ear is a completely in the canal hearing aid made by a company called Signia. The model in question is the Signia Silk NX hearing aid. The one you see the Queen wearing is badly fitted and should not be hanging out her ear like that.

The hearing aid should be far down the ear canal and completely invisible like this picture here.

What is interesting about this hearing aid is that it is not a custom fit.

What do I mean about custom fit? If we look at this picture below.

This is a picture of a Phonak Titanium hearing aid. To make this hearing aid you must first take a mould of the ear. The mould of the ear canal will give us an exact reverse replica of the patients ear. From there we will send this mould away and a hearing aid shaped exactly to the patients ear will come back. This now means that this hearing aid will only fit the patient it was made for. 

Let’s look at the Silk NX hearing aid. The Silk NX hearing aid is a modular fit. This means that the hearing aid does not require a mould to be made to fit in the ear. With the Silk NX there are different fittings called click sleeves. These click sleeves come in different shapes and sizes allowing the hearing aid to fit most ears. 

Why would you have this over a custom fit you may ask? 

A modular fit may be more comfortable as the tips that go in your ear are soft.

A modular fit can also have bigger vents. This means that the patient wearing the hearing aid will not suffer from something called occlusion. Occlusion is a real issue for custom fit completely in the canal hearing aids because they block your ears up and can have the effect that you may feel like you are in an oil drum with the lid on top. 

Modular fits can be passed on. If you upgrade to new hearing aids you can pass your modular hearing instruments on to someone. All they need to do is get them reprogrammed to their hearing loss. 

Disadvantages of modular fit hearing aids.

If your ear is not the right shape, then like the Queen in the picture the hearing aids can slip outside your ear. 

The hearing instruments may have a higher risk of whistling because they are not as tight a fit. 

The Silk NX hearing aids are a great hearing instruments especially if you have never tried hearing aids before. One of the other great things about the Signia NX hearing aids is they are available in 5 different technology levels allowing them to fit in most people’s budgets. 

The entry Level hearing aids from Signia start @ £500. That’s right you can have the same hearing aids as the queen for £500! 

For a free no obligation trial of the Signia Silk Nx please contact us on 01698 283549

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