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Natural. Seamless. Connected. Effortless hearing has arrived

Starkey Evolv AI Hearing Aids

Try Evolv AI Hearing Aids​ for 30 days with our, no deposit, no obligation trial

Easy Listening with Exceptional Sound Quality

Starkey’s most advanced hearing aid gives an ultra-premium sound.

Evolvi AI hearing technology is Starkey’s greatest achievement to date. With up to 55 million personalised adjustments every hour Evolv AI will deliver an exceptional personalised sound.

Evolv AI hearing technology is designed to give effortless hearing automatically while delivering a natural and realistic sound that works in every environment so you can live and love life to its full potential.

Huge leaps forward in noise

Our hugely successful Livio AI hearing aids have Evolved with a huge leap in hearing in noise. With 40% additional reduction in noise energy over Livio AI the Evolv AI hearing aid from Starkey truly does deliver where you need it most. No more smiling and nodding at parties you will now Evolv to be the heart of the conversation.

2 Way Audio

Can’t find your phone? With 2-way audio you can answer your iPhone or your iPad by simply tapping your hearing aid. With built in 2-way mics you can now enjoy hands free calls while keeping your hands truly free to multi task.


A full line of rechargeable hearing aids including the world’s first in the ear rechargeable hearing aid.

Try Evolv AI Hearing Aids​ for 30 days with our, no deposit, no obligation trial

Voice AI

Using the power over AI this feature along with your phone monitors your environment to deliver clear and effortless hearing for those with moderate losses.


No need for headphones just stream your favourite music, phone calls to TV programmes right through your hearing aids.

Tailor your own fit

Want to tweak the sound of your aids so they sound the way you love! No problems with the Thrive AI app just get on and do it. Save your favourite settings either by location or by name in your phone.

Edge Mode

Powered BY AI edge mode will always maintain speech in the most challenging environments.

Find my phone

Misplaced your phone? No worries just ask your Starkey Evolv AI hearing aids to find them, and they will ring your phone making it easy for you to locate it.

Thrive App

The Thrive Hearing Control app works seamlessly with sensor-enabled hearing aids to give you full control of your hearing.

Thrive Care

The Thrive Care app lets hearing aid wearers share health and wellness information with their loved ones. Designed to provide peace of mind.


Enhance your hearing with Starkey hearing aid accessories. Hear better in noisy places like restaurants, in one-on-one conversations, during meetings.
Platinum Plus Hearing Aid Prices

Plantinum Plus

£3595 - £3795 PER PAIR
The Platinum Plus hearing aids will put your hearing on par with your friends who have normal hearing.
Platinum Hearing Aid Prices


£2895 - £3695 PER PAIR
Our Platinum hearing aids have the fastest processors and are able to mirror your hearing loss more accurately.
Gold Hearing Aid Prices


£2595 - £3195 PER PAIR
Our Gold hearing aids are like all our products sourced from the worlds finest manufacturers.

All our products come with a 30 day trial & up to 5 year warranty.

Silver Hearing Aid Prices


£1950 - £2795 PER PAIR
Deal with very challenging background noise situations such as restaurants very effectively.
Bronze Hearing Aid Prices


£1595 - £2295 PER PAIR
Our Bronze still offer hearing levels that have superior sound quality and efficient background noise suppression.
Entry Level Hearing Aid Prices


£1095 - £1395 PER PAIR
Our entry-level digital range of hearing aids offer clear, natural and comfortable listening in unchallenged environments.