The most common problem with hearing loss is presbyacusis which is commonly known as the ageing process. Just like your eyes age and you can't see clear so does your ears and the clarity begins to go from your hearing.

The other major cause of hearing loss is noise damage. What can you do to prevent noise damage?

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Any sounds louder than 85dB should either be removed or you should take precautions to protect yourself. Lanarkshire Hearing Centre works with ACS hearing protection which supplies the industry leading customer built noise protection. Book an appointment for further information.
Turn that volume down! Music blaring in your ears? You're at higher risk of hearing loss and could cause permanent damage as well as being at a high risk of developing Tinnitus.
Try not to have the car radio blaring. Is the road noise loud? Don't compensate by turning up that dial.
If you go to a lot of gigs or are around noise a lot seriously consider customer moulded noise protection. This type of protection still allows the sound quality to come through just at a less intensity. Not protecting your hearing in these environments will leave you at high risk of hearing impairment and long term tinnitus.
Invest in noise cancelling headphones if you do a lot of DIY such as mowing lawns, using drills or even traveling long distance flights. 


One of the most common things we get asked when it comes to hearing and hearing health is the use of cotton buds. Why make cotton buds if they are no good for you?

Using cotton buds to clean your ears has the opposite effect from what you think they will do. Your ears are marvellous instruments. They produce ear wax to protect themselves. The ear wax is migrated out by little hairs as new wax is produced.

If you put a cotton bud down your ear canal and the wax is trying to migrate out in the opposite direction what do you think will happen to the ear wax? Yes, it will be pushed back in which will result in impacted ear wax which in turn will cause sudden deafness and even tinnitus.
Worst case scenario pushing ear wax down your ear could rupture your ear drum and damage your middle ear bones. You could turn a healthy ear into an ear that now has screaming tinnitus and requires a hearing aid to hear.


Avoid washing your ears with dirty water. Get your ears cleared before holiday. If you jump in the pool on holiday and the dirty water gets in behind the ear wax it can cause ear infections.

Find out more about our ear wax removal procedures here.

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