So you've decided to visit us or perhaps just come along for a chat. How should you prepare?

First of all come with an open mind and be prepared to challenge the things you feel might be uncomfortable or concerning for you about your hearing. The more honest you can be about your hearing, hearing loss & how you feel about it not to mention your concerns the easier it us for us to help guide you in the right direction.

Try and bring someone who is important to you along to the appointment. There is so much information to take in that it can be difficult to remember everything. Also at Lanarkshire Hearing Centre we always give you a demonstration of the latest technology while you visit us.

A familiar voice is a great way to experience whether the hearing aids are actually working or not.
A loved one will help fill in the gaps and they generally are a great judge of your hearing as they experience it form a different angle.

The first thing we will check is to make sure that you don't have impacted ear wax. The most common cause of sudden hearing loss or sudden deafness is impacted ear wax. If this is the case we will offer to remove that for you there and then using microsuction ear wax removal.

More information on our ear wax removal service can be found here
Ok so there is no ear wax or we have removed the ear wax using microsuction. We will then move onto a full health check of your ears followed by an audio metric test. This is a pain free and easy to follow test. Just relax and try and enjoy the experience.

We will then explain the result in a language you understand. We like it if you come prepared with questions and challenges. It's great for us when people get engaged in their hearing and hearing loss. We are very passionate about helping people find the right hearing solution for them so please come armed with questions or just come and go with the flow.


Is there any hearing loss and what type is it?
How much ear wax is in my ear? Can I See it? (We can show you with our video otoscope)
Is my hearing loss treatable by medical intervention?
What treatments do you offer and why should I choose you?
How do I take care of the health of my ears and prevent hearing loss or prevent further damage to my hearing?
If I gathering aids what happens if they don't work for me?
How often should I have the health of my ears checked?

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