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Can your hearing aids
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Oticon have a range of devices to help you hear and compliment your hearing instruments.

Oticon ConnectClip Streaming Devices

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Communicating with hearing aids does not need to be difficult!

Streaming Device

Oticon ConnectClip & Microphone Accessory 

The Oticon ConnectClip is many things in one little package. Firstly, it can turn your Oticon More hearing aids into a high-quality headset for streaming both music and phone calls from any mobile phone or stream phone calls to your hearing aids from any Bluetooth enabled land line phone.

It connects to any modern smartphone by using 2.4GHz Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth Low Energy is a better format as its less of a battery drain for your hearing aids & allows a much broader frequency range which is all important for that clear sound quality. This works in conjunction with your Oticon More hearing aids and the outstanding Velox chip which in turn will deliver super high-quality stereo sound while filtering out unwanted background noise.

When streaming music not only will you experience high quality sound in both hearing aids, but you will also still her the sounds around you if you choose.

Streaming video calls can be achieved with a dongle that is provided. Simply plug the dongle into your computer and talk and see a family member on the other side of the world.

Wireless Microphone

Secondly the Oticon ConnectClip acts as a wireless microphone. A remote microphone will send speech from a speaker direct to your hearing aids.

The Oticon More wearer simply gives the ConnectClip to the person they want to hear which will in turn wirelessly stream that person voice direct to your Oticon Hearing aids. The Oticon ConnectClip will also clean the signal of unwanted noise while streaming the person you want to hears voice over a distance of 20 metres.

Oticon ConnectClip Remote Control

Remote Control

Lastly your Oticon ConnectClip can act as a discrete remote control for your Oticon More hearing aids.

You can increase the volume should you find yourself with a soft speaker or you can change one of your bespoke hearing programmes that may have been implemented by your hearing care professional. 

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Oticon Connect Line
TV Adapter

The Oticon TV adapter 3.0 is Oticon’s latest TV streamer.

The beauty of this product is that it will stream the TV direct to your Oticon More hearing aids. Before the TV adapter 3.0 you had to wear an intermediary device to connect your TV to your hearing aids. Now with the Oticon TV adapter 3.0 you can stream direct to your Oticon More and use your phone to adjust the volume.

What this means is that if you live in a flat for example and you are worried your TV is to loud for your neighbours you can now mute the TV and have no sound from the speakers all the while hearing the TV crystal clear through the hearing aids.

Oticon Connect TV Adapter

Try Oticon ConnectClip™​ with our 30 day, no deposit, no obligation trial

Oticon App & Streaming

Oticon has an app that accompanies their OPN, OPNS & More hearing aids. The app has a number of functionalities which we will cover in detail under the apps section.

The App is called the Oticon ON app. It can be downloaded in both the google play store and the apple app store.

It’s assistive device functionality is limited to iPhone only.

Basic functionality such as volume and programme changes to the Oticon More hearing aids can be carried out with android phones but for direct streaming of content from your phone to the hearing aids you must own an Apple iPhone.

Try Oticon More hearing with our 30 day, no deposit, no obligation trial

The direct streaming function allows you to stream either your iPad or iPhone direct to your hearing aids. This gives you crystal clear sound to applications such as Netflix, Skype, Amazon prime, apple music or Spotify. You can also stream stereo phone calls to both hearing aids which is a real help when you struggle to hear on the phone.

If you don’t own an apple iPhone don’t worry as you can still have the same functionality iPhone users enjoy you just need the connect clip to help you achieve this to your Oticon More hearing aids.

Another bonus with the iPhone is you can turn your phone into a remote microphone. If you are in a busy café and you can’t quite catch someone you can give them your phone and it will stream their voice direct to your Oticon More hearing aids.