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Unitron’s Discover Next Platform

Unitron Discover Next Family Hearing Aids

Discover a better hearing experience with the revolutionary new platform from Unitron. Reject mediocrity and give yourself the most humanlike hearing experience available. Discover, combined with our FLEX experience changes the hearing care journey so you can love the experience.

Unitron announced its newest platform, the Discover Next, that’s said to “help people get to the heart of conversations with superior speech understanding in any environment making even the softest-spoken people easier to understand.” What Unitron says is its “smallest lithium-ion RIC (receiver-in-the-canal),” Moxi Move R joins the product family with technology that “lasts all day and delivers easy connections to all kinds of favorite tech.”

What if we told you there was a hearing instrument that could not only convey sound, but give you back the deeper connection in your conversations? Unitron has long had a stellar reputation for superior speech clarity, but that’s not all that matters in conversations. It’s time to move beyond mere words to a whole new hearing experience.

A deeper conversational experience awaits you

Human speech isn’t just about the ability to physically hear the words. It’s about the people, environment and emotions underlying them. A rich experience of the aural landscape comes from not only the words, but who said them and how they did it. Unitron’s unique sound technology aims to help you follow who is talking, where the voices are coming from, and what the underlying emotions fuelling them are.

All-new sound features help you hear better, even in noisy environments, no matter how quiet the speaker, and give you back the emotional undertones that help you navigate the day-to-day world with ease.

Unitron's Discover Next Platform


Let the power of machine learning help you enjoy clear speech, reduced noise, and comfortably balanced sound quality in any environment. Top-of-the-line algorithms and smart tech means the UNITRON DISCOVER NEXT can navigate any soundscape just like biological hearing. It’s like being 20 years old again! Subtle speech nuances are enhanced through the ‘soft speech lift’ feature, making even the soft-spoken come through crystal clear. Clarity- even in noisy environments- is key.

SpeechPro helps you hear better in noisy environments through binaural cues, giving realistic directional speech and boosted volume. This enhanced Spatial Awareness gives you back natural localisation cues, while Spectral Speech, SpeechPro’s unique fourth dimension, allows superior emotional grasp and added word clarity in complex listening situations. UNITRON DISCOVER NEXT’s innovative four microphone strategy lies at the heart of this superb audio performance.

Getting started has never been simpler

You’d think embracing these exciting technological leaps would come at the cost of complexity to use, but nothing could be further from reality. TrueFit™ fitting software ensures a streamlined and accurate fitting experience- all in 5 clicks! With fully optimised settings, you’re always guaranteed the best possible first fit. That’s not all, however.

The re-introduction to a submersive hearing environment at full target fit can be overwhelming for someone who’s been battling with recent hearing loss or difficulties. The UNITRON DISCOVER NEXT makes use of an Automatic Adaption Manager (AAM) to help smooth the process and ease you back into the soundscape around you.

AAM ensures you start at a volume and transparency that will be comfortable for you where you are currently at in your hearing journey, and slowly eases you to peak performance seamlessly. Every step of your experience will be an exciting discovery of pitch, nuance, environmental cues and emotion.  

That’s not all you’ll get with the UNITRON DISCOVER NEXT, however. Make direct connections to your loved ones (and favourite content) through simple, easy-to-use stereo media streaming through both ears. Accessory-less phone- and video calls lie a click away.

Easily sync up to 4 devices- 2 Bluetooth, 2 TV connector- with your hearing instruments for the ultimate in convenience and comfort. 

The UNITRON DISCOVER NEXT embraces the very latest in technology to help you get to the heart of conversations. Rediscover the joys of the aural landscape with one of the most intelligent hearing platforms around.

Unitron Discover Next Family Hearing Aids

Have questions about the UNITRON DISCOVER NEXT and how it would suit you? The Lanarkshire Hearing Centre Team are always on hand to help.

We offer a 30 free trial on all our hearing aid products and a 5 year warranty.

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