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Signia is a new hearing aid brand introduced by Sivantos to replace Siemens hearing aids.

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With all these changes and buy outs you would rightfully ask the question. Are these hearing aids of a decent quality? The short answer absolutely.

Since Sivantos has taken over they have invested 100’s of millions to build their Signia brand to rival global power houses Sonova with their hearing aid brands Phonak & Unitron and the William Demant Group who own premium hearing aid brands Oticon and Bernafon.

Sivantos have just built a new state of the are global office in Singapore. Its arguably the best set up of any of the hearing aid manufacturers.

They have also invested in a group key office in the United Kingdom which is based in Gatwick London. The group have invested heavily in new technology and global recruitment employing some of the industries best engineers and sales directors.

This new technology and innovation has already shone through and they have released some ground breaking industry firsts in their hearing aids, particularly their own voice processing and tinnitus notch therapy.


TeleHealth is Signia hearing aids remote tuning capabilities. This allows you the patient to wear your hearing aids live in situ contact your audiologist while in situ and explain your problems. Your audiologist can then adjust your hearing aids live while you sit in the problematic environment. You can even do this with a video similar to face time. This will allow your audiologist to access the situation and fine tune.

TeleHealth and remote audiology was invented by Sivantos and the Signia their latest hearing aids the Signia NX platform just take this invention to a whole new level.


A major complaint every hearing aid wearer has especially first-time hearing instrument users is something which is called occlusion. Occlusion happens when we place something in the ear that is not meant to be there and it blocks the ear off.

This blocking causes you to feel like you are in an oil drum with the lid on top. This can be overpowering particularly to new hearing aid wearers.

It’s like having your ears plugged operantly with ear wax. What OVP does is it takes a different approach and not only treat noises coming in that you want to hear but will treat and process your voice as it comes out of your skull. This will dramatically reduce that occlusion effect and increase wearer time for new users.

Wearing your hearing aids at the beginning for long periods can be critical to the success of a hearing aid.

Without the OVP you may find it difficult to put up with occlusion. Having tried OVP I can say it absolutely works and will increase that satisfaction for first time users.


The first manufacturer to offer a bespoke tuning in to the sound of the individuals tinnitus. With the notch therapy in these hearing instruments we can dial right into the patient’s tinnitus and what they feel their tinnitus sounds like.

The hearing aids will then work with the perceived tinnitus pitch to offer relief from the distress. More importantly it should provide stimulas and therapy even when the hearing aids have been removed. Most people suffer at night when going to bed with the notch therapy it should provide a stimulus that supports even this most challenging time.

Signia Soundscape


This feature combines the hearing aid with your phone, your voice and real time sound data to understand how your moving and conversing or not conversing.

It will then try and give you real world 3d sound that does not aimlessly block noise but keep a full 360 degree sound.

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The goal here is to work with the 3d classifier and deliver real life like sound covering a full spectrum of situations.

Exceptional clarity and high definition sound in the hearing instruments is achieved by.

Signia offer a wide varying choice. Most of their models are receiver in the ear (RITE) or receiver in the canal (RIC) option.

Active Pro

Ready to wear, Signia Active Pro combines iconic user-friendly design similar to premium consumer earbuds with audiological high-tech.


A newly designed hearing aid chip with 80% more transistors than the previous Signia model.

Silk X

One of the world’s smallest hearing aids, Silk gives you the confidence of knowing that no one even notices you’re wearing them.