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Starkey are the masters at building completely invisible hearing aids that fit right down the ear canal.



Starkey - The only American company that operates in the big leagues of the hearing aid world. A family owned business the company prides itself on family values.

With 50 years experience in hearing care Bill Austin founder and chairman started life repairing hearing aids from a little shop in Texas. Bill then went on and built one of the biggest global wholesaler of hearing instruments. He built hearing aids of such great quality that even President Regan was fitted with a pair of Starkey Hearing aids.

Starkey are the masters at building completely invisible hearing aids that fit right down the ear canal. When no other manufacturer can build a small hearing id you can bet Starkey will deliver!

Starkey made the first ever in the canal hearing aid pioneering small in the ear hearing aids that would become best sellers all over the world for every hearing aid manufacturer.
Starkey also came out with nanotechnology which made hearing aids more robust and of course waterproof. While people thought about loss of performance Starkey pioneered no performance drop and fully waterproof hearing aids.

Starkey take testing hearing aids and providing accurate evidence for the results to some suffering hearing loss very seriously.

They talk a lot about their evidence based approach. If they make claims about updated hearing aid technology they will always back it up with evidence and written papers. They do this stringently in house then when they are confident the evidence stacks up they have their claim independently verified.

Starkey are also very proud of their Starkey Hearing Foundation. So far Starkey hearing technologies have helped over a million people world wide with access to free hearing aids.
Categorises noise and speech and turns down noise to help aid with speech clarity.
Hearing aids will alert a loved one if the hearing aids move at an unusual.
Help patients remotely with no need for a branch visit.
Early days but this could be the best hearing aid APP on the market.