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Challenging the status quo

Signia are the new kids on the block. Because they are new, they don’t hold any historical ideas. They have basically started from scratch and are beginning to re-write the conventional hearing aid rules.

When Signia Launched Styletto we had seen nothing like it. Who would wear it we thought? It looks nothing like a hearing aid. Why would anyone want it….

Well the Styletto from Signia was a massive hit because it did not look like a hearing aid. It looked cool….. But wait! Are you not supposed to hide hearing aids, so they’re not seen?

Remember how glasses used to be uncool? Now everyone is wearing glasses as a fashion accessory.

If I told you Signia were trying to do the same for hearing, would it make sense?

Step up Signia Active Pro

The hearing aid designed to be seen but not for being a heating aid! Yes this hearing aid is designed to be seen. But look at it. Does it not look like headphones you see in so many people’s ears? If you see them, would you think hearing aid? Or would you think Bluetooth headset?

People buy Bluetooth headsets and hope they are seen. We don’t hide them. We do not see people shying away from Bluetooth headsets in the gym, do we? Everyone has them and we even compare our Bluetooth headset to our friends.

Imagine if we had a hearing aid inside our Bluetooth headset? It would make perfect sense right? That is what Signia has done. They have taken acceptable styles worn by everyone and added a hearing aid.

The Signia Active is designed for those that want to match their outgoing lifestyle to their hearing needs. They don’t want conventional hearing aids because that would make them feel old. They need connectivity so they can listen to music and take calls. They also need app control so they can adjust their setting on the go.

They don’t want to be stressed with batteries they need to be able to charge on the go.

Signia Active has you covered.

Signia Active Pro Xperience Chip


Xperience Sound chip

Experience clear hearing with the Signia award winning Sound processing.

Delivering prescription built high-definition sound with ear to ear communication found in Signia’s most advanced hearing aids.

Find out more information on Signia Xperience and our trial.

Enhanced Speech understanding

Using directional outward facing microphones your Signia active will enable you to hear in any direction even in noisy environments.

Signia Active Pro Recharge


Recharge on the Go

The stunning tiny pocket sized Signia charger lets you pop the hearing aids in and out for use when you need them, giving you full flexibility and independence. One charge will give you a market leading 26hrs usage.


Enjoy streaming to music, your phone & your TV set with in built Bluetooth technology.

Try Signia Active Pro for 30 days with our, no deposit, no obligation trial


Automatic Situation Detection

Internal sound sensors adjust to the environment. This allows you to stay in the conversation while hearing the world around you.

Signia AI personal assistant

Can’t make it to the clinic for some adjustments. Signia AI is on hand through your mobile phone. All you need to do is tell the app where you are struggling and the AI will search similar problems and successful solutions then make the changes for you.

Instant Fit Instant success. The Signia Active Pro really is for the modern on the go type of client. If you are looking to take advantage of hearing technology in a cool package and choose when you access it then the Signia Active is the instrument for you.

Platinum Plus Hearing Aid Prices

Plantinum Plus

£3595 - £3795 PER PAIR
The Platinum Plus hearing aids will put your hearing on par with your friends who have normal hearing.
Platinum Hearing Aid Prices


£2895 - £3695 PER PAIR
Our Platinum hearing aids have the fastest processors and are able to mirror your hearing loss more accurately.
Gold Hearing Aid Prices


£2595 - £3195 PER PAIR
Our Gold hearing aids are like all our products sourced from the worlds finest manufacturers.

All our products come with a 30 day trial & up to 5 year warranty.

Silver Hearing Aid Prices


£1950 - £2795 PER PAIR
Deal with very challenging background noise situations such as restaurants very effectively.
Bronze Hearing Aid Prices


£1595 - £2295 PER PAIR
Our Bronze still offer hearing levels that have superior sound quality and efficient background noise suppression.
Entry Level Hearing Aid Prices


£1095 - £1395 PER PAIR
Our entry-level digital range of hearing aids offer clear, natural and comfortable listening in unchallenged environments.