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Oticon are a world class hearing aid manufacturer which have their UK base in our home town of Hamilton.



They were founded by one mans passion to help his wife lead a better life. Founded By Hans Demant over 100 years ago with the sole aim to help his suffering wife hear better Oticon have always challenged the boundaries when it comes to hearing aid technology.

A truly premium manufacturer their Open hearing aids with its Brain hearing technology are some of the best hearing aids you could hope to wear.

As a local supplier we can save significant amounts of pounds on any product you have been quoted from hidden hearing and in most cases we could save you 1000's of pounds.

Oticon are very niche and complex therefore you will not find them easily on the high street. Oticon prefer to deal with high end independents and professional state of the art Hearing Aid Retailers.

Watch this video to help you understand the passion and quality that goes into Oticon hearing aids

Its not uncommon to have a 30 day trial of Oticons amazing OPN hearing aids and find they are superior to all other manufacturers. They really do tend to have a WOW effect with people.

Oticon have also produced a wide range of in the ear hearing aids which will be custom built to suit your needs. Have a look at the smallest hearing aid in their range it truly is an amazing little hearing instrument packed with technology to help you hear better.

Velox Chip - 50 times faster than the old chip offering unparalleled clarity.
Offering lightning quick delivery of sound and ultra accurate sharpness (Sometimes we even have to turn the sharpness down there just to sharp! That's a good thing).
Fitting bands to mimic the the distribution that takes place within the inner ear. Direct Connectivity.
A brilliant tinnitus app that allows you to play the sounds of the ocean to sooth away that troublesome Tinnitus.

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Oticon Opn S Hearing Aids
Scanning the environment 100 times every second the sound Nav function allows crisp and clear hearing no matter what the environment. The Sound Nav and velox chip has the capacity to handle over 1 million calculations a second and although we don't expect you to comprehend this we do expect you to marvel at the sound quality delivered right down your ear to your brain.

The Sound Nav also has the function to zero into voices when other distracting noises are going on in the background. Almost like shining a torch on the thing you want to see in a dark room the Sound Nav and Velox chip will zero in on that voice you want to hear in a room full of noise.
The receiver in the ear model and by far Oticons best loved product. This model can connect direct to your Iphone so you can enjoy calls with loved ones or even stream the latest music direct to your Phone. Twin Link Technology - This brilliant piece of technology allows both ears to communicate with each other and results in a more natural sound experience. Why? Well your right ear auditory cortex which runs from your inner ear to your brain communicates with your left ear auditory cortex. They tell each other what's going on, where sound is coming from, is this danger? Is this happy? Should I filter this out? The Oticon OPN hearing aid will try and support your damaged ears loss of functionality here and it does it brilliantly.

Connect them to the internet! Yes you can actually connect them to things like baby monitors, door bells and even thermostats. This segment is due to grow and could even be a product sought after by people with normal hearing.

Oticon OPN APP - This really cool app lets you control your hearing aids through the phone. You can turn up or down the volume and you can even find your hearing aids if you have misplaced them! No more buying new hearing aids because you've lost them!

Oticon OPN ITE - Coming soon Oticons latest OPN Technology will be available In The Ear.

Keeping your ears fit and healthy

Oticon have also launched their Hearing Fitness App. Its the first of its kind and its function is to help you improve how you use your hearing aids. Oticon rightly points out that just as your body gets fitter with exercise your brain gets fitter with full natural sound.

The hearing App will challenge you to wear your hearing aids more and help you get the most out of them. Not only that it will help your audiologist when you visit them to understand where they can make improvements.

The app will allow you to choose goals and encourage you to strive to hit them. IT will also take into account why its difficult so we can make changes.

Professional musicians need professional technology Mezzo-soprano opera singer, Janine Roebuck, notoriously lives with incurable, progressive nerve deafness. Janine is able to pursue her childhood dream of becoming an opera singer thanks to the evolution of hearing aid technology.