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Unitron have launched their latest hearing instrument platform Discover.

Unitron Discover Hearing Aids

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Basically they get access to the same chip as the Phonak Marvel and get to do what Unitron do best with it and that’s funky new stuff.

Unitron along with Phonak make up part of the Sonova group which is the biggest hearing aid manufacturer in the World. Although part of the Sonova group and dwarfed in terms of Global sales to its big sister Phonak Unitron maintains a very innovative and customer focused feel.

Based in Kitchener in Canada Unitron used to be considered the ‘B’ brand. Partly in the UK as these are the product that would be offered to Specsavers for their white label own brand and Boots for their Digital Value range.

This is where hearing aids can be misleading. You may be buying a Unitron but you won’t be buying the latest Unitron you’ll likely be buying 5 year old technology wrapped up in something different.


When buying Unitron from a national if they are the very latest in hearing aid technology. 

The latest Unitron hearing aids are far from B brand. They are sate of the art innovative products. Their current Discover All hearing aid along with Phonak’s Marvel hearing instrument are the only direct streaming hearing aids to any phone while maintaining all hearing functionality across both ears.

You tend to find Phonak launch a hearing aid and 6 months later Unitron Launch a product but with a twist.