Phonak Hearing Aids & Assistive devices

(Also applies to Unitron hearing aids)

One thing that can guarantee better hearing particularly in background noise can be a good assistive device to accompany your hearing aids.

Roger By Phonak

Probably the most important assistive device out there and certainly the most versatile as you can get a Phonak Roger for nearly every hearing instrument. You don’t have to go and buy new hearing instruments as long as you have an ability to take a special fitting or your hearing aids have a Telecoil Loop setting.

There for if you have hearing aids from the NHS Lanarkshire nearly all hearing aids they hand out will be Roger Compatible.
Roger has been proven to substantially increase a hearing aid users ability to hear in background noise. Studies have shown that it can improve speech intelligibility by up to 62% in background noise. I can personally vouch for this as I have worn this device myself and the sound cleaning capabilities are extraordinary.

Roger basically works using Phonak’s own wireless 2.4gHz FM technology. This propriety system is the fastest and crispest delivery of speech signals than any other assistive hearing instrument device.

A Roger system can be a better investment than a set of hearing aids and here is why.

Phonak Roger Pen

The Roger pen by Phonak must be seen to be believed. Like the name suggest the Roger Pen looks exactly like a pen. What the Roger Pen does is allow you to basically move your ear anywhere in the room without having to move yourself.

It can be worn in a friends pocket where their voice will be picked up and transferred to your hearing aids

It can be worn by a lecturer where their voice will be transferred to your hearing aids.

If you are in noisy situation and finding it difficult to hear someone (Let’s say Rocco’s Restaurant in Hamilton) you can point the Roger pen at someone and it will basically cut out every other noise apart from the person you are pointing it at. Imagine shining a torch at someone in a dark room and seeing only that person. It’s just like that only with sound. It is absolutely amazing to experience.

Phonak Roger Select

This is Phonak’s latest product to compliment the Roger line. The Roger select is a powerhouse of accessibility and functionality for hearing aid wearers.

Roger select uses multi beam wireless technology and advanced directionality to pick up the voice of a speaker no matter what the direction and make them clearer over the consuming background noise. It is the most advanced compliment to a hearing aid that there is.

The clever part of the Roger connect coupled to your hearing aids is the multi beam part.

Where the roger pen uses the amazing narrow beam function to focus in on one person when it’s very noisy the Roger select can be manipulated by you to focus in on one or up to 6 people!!

Where the Roger pen sends a light beam to one person cutting out the back ground noise the Roger select can do this with up to six people and still significantly reduce the background noise giving you superior signal to noise rations in the most challenging environment’s.
The Roger select when placed in its charging cable will also act as a TV streamer. While its charging it connects to your TV via an optical outlet and streams 2.4gHz digital FM sound direct to your ears.

This means you can actually mute the TV with nothing coming out the speakers but you will still hear the TV because the sound is being directed to your hearing aids.

The Roger select will also stream phone calls direct to your hearing aids so you don’t even have to take your phone out your pocket to have a conversation.

Phonak Roger Table Mic

Another product unique to Phonak and a game changer for people who are in meetings and reverberate rooms while using hearing instruments is the Phonak Table Mic 2. Essentially the table mic works similar to the roger connect and in combination with the Roger connect.

The Roger table mic generally works in a pair. You place both table mics on the conference table and they will be intelligent enough to know who is speaking. They will then filter out all unwanted noises and deliver the all-important speech direct to your hearing instruments.

If you have a Roger select then generally a single Roger Table mic can deliver what you need to help you hear better in those boardroom meetings.

Roger Conclusion

Roger is the gold standard in assistive device technology lets recap the key features:

It can be fitted to almost every hearing aid even your NHS hearing aids.
It will improve your hearing greatly in background noise.
It can stream phone calls and TV to your hearing aids.
It can significantly improve your hearing aids ability to hear in reverbarent rooms and meeting rooms.
You can control who you want to hear with the multi beam technology.