We hear with our brain not our ears. Our ears are the devices that provide the brain with the information it needs. The brain takes this information decodes it and we hear. The whole process is a mixture of mechanical and electrical action.

If we don't treat hearing loss the reality is the brain will not receive the stimulation it needs to function to its full potential. This will impact the brains ability to process sound and ultimately have good speech recognition. The more this is left to deteriorate without intervention the more likely it will be difficult to get it back. Struggling to hear what's going on all round you can affect your mental sharpness.
The reality is the sooner you do something the easier it is to help you. The longer you leave it the more the mental sharpness will deteriorate and the more difficult it will be to bring your brain back to better hearing. The quicker you take action the easier it will be and the quicker you will regain mental sharpness which will make you feel young and involved. Leaving it will make the journey more difficult and in some cases impossible which will result in risking growing mentally older quicker.

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