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For mild to severe hearing loss

Whatever you think about hearing aids….think again

Great hearing can look cool!

Imagine your favourite earbuds combined with your hearing aid….. Well its here.

Resound bring you their most advanced hearing technology hidden away in a rechargeable earbud design. Custom made to exactly fit your ears you will enjoy the absolute best of both worlds.

How Custom Made by Resound will benefit you

GN Resound are partners with one of the global leaders in wireless technology JABRA.

This combination of world class hearing aid manufacturer and world class earbud manufacturer delivers a hearing aid that is cool comfortable, and custom made.

Created specifically for you

Your pair will be custom fitted by taking impressions of your ears. This will ensure maximum comfort and will deliver maximum sound quality.

Weatherproof & Sweatproof

Made with the active person in mind. Custom by Resound come with a special nano coating inside and out so don’t worry about whatever life throws at you, Resound has you covered….no sweat!

All day every day

Not only do the hearing aids look great and feel great, these hearing aids will be expertly fitted with custom fitted sound tuning to your hearing loss. You will not want to take them off and they won’t interfere with your glasses.

Weatherproof and sweatproof
Natural sound experience.

Think of everything you want in hearing aids combined with all you love about earbuds.

Which one matches you?

Your ears and hearing are unique to you. Custom by Resound is designed to specifically suit your
lifestyle. Which is the right Custom by Resound for you?



ITE Half Shell

ITE Full Shell

Colour options

Choose In-style™ or Blend-in™ colours

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Power up and lets go!

The worlds first customised charger. Your charger is mould to match the shape of your ears. Your charge will also give you 24hrs power from one single charge.

Look mum – no hands

Enjoy crystal clear hands free calling from your hearing aids. Just tap the button on the side of the aids and enjoy. Stream your favourite shows on Netflix or listen to your audiobooks and podcasts on the go. Custom by Resound really does offer you the best of both worlds.

Sound Natural

With Custom made by Resound you will get natural sound based around your individual needs. Lanarkshire Hearing Centre will customise your Resound aids based on your ear shape and your individual hearing profile.

All the power you need.
Your customised charger.

Customs by ReSound provide all the power you need – up to 24 hours on one charge. 

Hear best in all situations

In a busy place with lots on noise

Join in conversations and get all the details

Know where sounds are coming from

Even outdoors, no matter the weather

Latest Hearing Aids from GN RESOUND

Platinum Plus Hearing Aid Prices

Plantinum Plus

£3595 - £3795 PER PAIR
The Platinum Plus hearing aids will put your hearing on par with your friends who have normal hearing.
Platinum Hearing Aid Prices


£2895 - £3695 PER PAIR
Our Platinum hearing aids have the fastest processors and are able to mirror your hearing loss more accurately.
Gold Hearing Aid Prices


£2595 - £3195 PER PAIR
Our Gold hearing aids are like all our products sourced from the worlds finest manufacturers.

All our products come with a 30 day trial & up to 5 year warranty.

Silver Hearing Aid Prices


£1950 - £2795 PER PAIR
Deal with very challenging background noise situations such as restaurants very effectively.
Bronze Hearing Aid Prices


£1595 - £2295 PER PAIR
Our Bronze still offer hearing levels that have superior sound quality and efficient background noise suppression.
Entry Level Hearing Aid Prices


£1095 - £1395 PER PAIR
Our entry-level digital range of hearing aids offer clear, natural and comfortable listening in unchallenged environments.