Medico Legal Services

Whether you have a single client or a collective action or “group complaint”

Lanarkshire Hearing Centre have the experience and expertise to handle noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus medical reporting.

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Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL)
 trauma, blast injury or acoustic shock may result in occupational deafness and tinnitus.

Over the years, we have developed a dedicated panel of consultant-level otolaryngologists and audiological physicians with experience of acting as expert witnesses.

At outset, a correctly taken audiogram will save your company a lot of time and clearly establish if your potential case is a positive or negative.

If required, we can instruct an ENT Consultant with Medico-Legal experience to assess your case in detail, reviewing all the relevant medical records and employment history.

Following a clinical interview, examination and pure tone audiogram, a full report will be produced and sent to you.

We only use specialised acoustic facilities, calibrated to the exacting minimum standards necessary for hearing assessment in legal cases.

We are fully conversant with the Pre Action Protocol for this type of claim and have an in-depth understanding of the diagnosis of noise induced hearing loss for medico-legal purposes.

All reports adhere to Coles, Lutman and Buffin guidelines.

Coles, Lutman and Buffin guidelines