Loud noise damages hearing, protect your hearing

Lanarkshire Hearing Centre provide both Active and Passive noise suppression custom and filtered ear plugs to prevent damaging your hearing

Test your hearing with our online hearing screener in minutes

Noise Suppression

We offer both instant fit and custom Active noise suppression systems that deliver high performance digital technology for anyone seeking sound enhancement and hearing protection.

Additionally, we provide a free screening test to monitor your hearing ability.

Noise Suppression

Available as solid or filtered ear plugs, our noise plugs are available in a variety of materials and sizes.

Filtered plugs have a sound bore into which a choice of filters can be inserted, depending on your specific needs.

Every filter can be used for different noise situations, from heavy industry to simply giving you peace and quiet to study.

We sell custom-made broadcasters’ earpieces, motorcyclists’ noise plugs, musicians’ ear plugs and shooting protection. We also supply Alpine ready-made earplugs and ZenPlug kits, which allow you to make your own plugs.

Alpine Hearing Protection