We supply all types of hearing aids at the Lanarkshire Hearing Centre.

We specialise in invisible hearing aids.

No one need know you are wearing your hearing aids but be warned they will notice something is up because you will be hearing so much better!


Sick and tired of changing hearing aids batteries? Poor dexterity means changing hearing aid batteries is too difficult? Rechargeable hearing aids may be the solution. These come in the RIC format discussed above. Very popular and discreet come and experience the rechargeable hearing aids in the Lanarkshire Hearing Centre.


Do you answer lots of phone calls? Do you watch lots of movies or TV? If so then hearing aids that connect direct to your phone so you can take calls through your hearing aids may be the choice for you. Couple this with streaming your TV direct to your hearing aids so that you and your partner or family can have independent volumes! Lanarkshire Hearing Centre specialise in ears only come and try these models in store.