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We have clinics in Hamilton, Clarkston & Motherwell.

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Meet our team, we are passionate about hearing and love making a difference in people’s lives.

Steven Ross Audiologist Hamilton

Every day I change lives & every day I get to do something that I really love and matters to me.

Steven Ross, RHAD, MSHAA


My Name is Steven Ross & I have been a Registered Hearing Aid Audiologist for over 18 years. I have practised in one of the top clinics in the UK.

After 4 successful years I became Regional Manager for Boots hearing care and managed Scotland for Boots Audiology. From Boots I went to work in development and business consultation for audiology; helping small to medium size businesses incorporate hearing care and ensure they run a professional and customer focused business. I have extensive experience in audiology and the technology which makes a difference in people’s lives. I love my job!

Every day I change lives & every day I get to do something that really matters. All I ask is you trust in me and I will try my hardest to make sure I make a difference in your life. As an Independent Hearing Aid Audiologist, I work with all manufacturers and will find the right technology to fit your needs.

Steven Ross consults at

Meet the inspiring women behind your hearing care

Anne Ross


Hi, I’m Anne, and yes I’m the boss! I have worked in healthcare for over 20 years both in the NHS & private healthcare.

I am a Registered Nurse who is passionate about patient care. During my nursing career I have worked in the Scottish Heart Transplant Unit, Coronary Care and Palliative Care with Marie Curie. Working for Marie Curie was the most rewarding period of my nursing career and something which I am very proud to have done.

Patient centred care is very important to me and I will always ensure we strive to offer the best experience for our patients.


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Pauline Scanlan Customer Service Coordinator

Try Before You Buy with our 30 Day Trial on all Hearing Aid Technology

Pauline Scanlan



Hello, my name is Pauline I am your Customer Service Coordinator here at Lanarkshire Hearing Centre.  

I have over 35 years’ involvement in the customer service industry mainly working as Cabin Crew at British Airways. However, I have now joined the fantastic team at the Lanarkshire Hearing Centre and I love it! 

I’m the friendly face at the front desk and will welcoming calls and ensuring that we meet all of your hearing requirements. I understand completely the difficulties and frustrations of not being able to hear as well as you would like as I was a customer before joining the team.   

I cant wait to see and speak to you all and if you have any questions or need advice please feel free to email or phone me directly.  


Rita Greig



I have over 10 years’ experience in the hearing care profession. I started off as P.A. to Steven in Boots flagship store in Glasgow before progressing onto become a qualified Audiologists Assistant.

I have extensive experience in hearing aid repairs and ear health management. I was the first ear wax removal specialist for Boots in Scotland training under Dr Krish ENT consultant and clinical lead for the revolutionary Tympa health system.

Having removed ear wax from 1000’s of ears its safe to say I am one of the most experienced and safest practitioners in Scotland.

For Lanarkshire Hearing Centre I conduct ear wax management, oversee ear wax & general ear health consultations. I also offer general advice on hearing aids whether its keeping them clean, how to use them or types of hearing aids that you may need advice on.

Having known and worked with Steven & Anne for over 10 years I am proud to be a member of Lanarkshire Hearing Centre. Our only focus is on you and your ears.

I feel it’s the best place for people who are serious about hearing.


Rita Greig consults at


Rita Greig Ear Wax Removal Specialist

We Remove Wax From Your Ears. Microsuction is Safe, Quick & Easy.

Alfie Ross

The future of hearing care

Alfie Ross,
General Chatter Box

Alfie has a lust for talking to people.

Perfect if you want to try your new hearing aids in lengthy conversation!

Alfie is happy to share with you the 30 day free trial available to try out any of the latest hearing aid technology, no-obligation hearing aid trails allows you to try your device for an extended period of time.

Try Before You Buy For 30 Days

We are a family-owned business aimed at providing you and your loved ones with an
exceptional level of personalised care and support.

Archie Ross,
Head Choir Boy

Archie loves to sing.

Once you have had that impacted ear wax cleared out your ears with our micro suction equipment Archie will sing like a bird.

You will notice the difference between dull hearing and clear hearing…. You may ask for your ear wax to be put back in!

Do you need your ear wax removed?