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GN Resound are known for not being scared to try things that push boundaries.

GN Resound One Hearing Aid

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GN Resound are another heavyweight hearing aid manufacturer from Denmark.

Unlike Carlsberg lager the Danes love to see their hearing aid technology leave and be worn all over the world!

The most popular hearing aids in the world at the moment are hearing instruments called receiver in the canal (RIC) or receiver in the ear hearing aids (RITE)

GN resound started the RIC party with their innovative and ground breaking Air product. The air is so good that almost 15 years on I still know people who won’t let go of theirs!

Of course when these hearing aids first came out everyone said it would never work. Record sales and amazing reviews and a battle of catch up by everyone else followed.

Resound One

Hear like no other. ReSound ONE™ with M&RIE (Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear) introduces a new class of hearing aids.

Linx Quattro

Hear your world, your way. Introducing the new full range of premium, high-performance ReSound LiNX Quattro hearing aids.

Enzo 3D

Get clear and crisp sound quality from our hearing aid for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss ReSound ENZO 3D.

GN Resound Hearing

Other ground breaking features GN Resound developed were first with hearing aids that connected to iPhone or MFI made for iPhone hearing aids. First hearing aids to be able to compress sound so we could fit more sounds into a narrow hearing range known as wide dynamic range compression.

First hearing aid manufacturer to offer feedback manager that actually worked which stopped all those annoying whistles from hearing aids that you may remember.

GN Resound are pioneering. They take risks with their time and money and generally the results speak for themselves. They own Jabra the wireless communications giant and also have a unique partnership with tech giants Google.

Try the NEW Resound One™​ for 30 days with our, no deposit, no obligation trial



GN Resound try's to emulate the performance of the natural ear. They do this by applying their surround sound algorithm. This results in a fuller richer and cleaner sound. One ear focuses on full sound while the other ear focuses on cleaning sound.

Both ears end the information to the brain which in turn cleans the information up resulting in a full and clear sound coming from the hearing aids.


Hearing instruments that talk to each other continually without interruption.

The hearing aids will automatically optimise their microphones to give you the best chance of hearing speech in noise.


Uses the natural shape of your ear to provide clues as to where speech is coming from. Increases your ability to understand the direction of noise and important information.

This function will give you a 360 degree sound experience.


Outstanding comfort in noise without the reduction of all important speech cues.

Spectral subtraction technology that will reduce the unwanted background noise but maintain the fullness and richness of speech.


Cancels feedback or whistling before it happens in your ear. No more annoying whistling in your hearing aids.

Music mode analyses the sound and can distinguish between feedback and music. This allows your hearing aids to stay on full rich sound mode without needlessly cutting out volume or more importantly they will not whistle in your ear.


GN Resound own Jabra the giant wirless communications company. Therefore you would think if GN resound were going to make hearing aids connect to things then they would be good at it.

You would be right. The quality and speed of the streaming particularly in the quarto is world class. Its instant and clear. The added bonus is you can shape the sound with your app and personalise how you would like to hear your music.


You can invest a lot of money into your hearing aids so you would want to feel that they were protected right?

With iSolate nanotech technology your hearing aids are protected with a water and dust proof coating. The coating is 1000 times thinner than a human hair and is applied to the whole hearing aid. This will increase reliability and decrease repairs.