Internet Prices and Buying Online

Why we never price match

A hearing aid is a very personal and difficult purchase.

It takes great counselling and emotional skill to fit a hearing aid successfully and look after the wearer.

The hearing aid is only a small portion of the journey in fact about 80% of a successful fitting is achieved through rehabilitation and continued support.

This can only be achieved face to face.

Hearing aids are placed in very difficult environments. They’re small electrical devices placed inside the ear where its hot, there is moisture and there is ear wax. This requires regular servicing and at times instant repairs. That is why like your dentist we feel it is essential you have access and visibility to your audiologist at all times.

Buying a hearing aid online

Buying a hearing aid online from a company who will generally sell your details to the highest bidder leaves you in a dangerous and expensive lottery. Always ask where your audiologist will be based and always ask if your information is passed on and sold. Is the audiologist part of the company you are buying from or do they buy the leads?

Always check the online companies values and beliefs and ask them to give examples to their claim they are saving you 1000’s of pounds.

Our advice is to always shop around even if its not us and judge your hearing aid purchase on service as well as cost.

Due to the superior service and 7 day a week access Lanarkshire Hearing Centre will not price match online hearing aid sales. We will however support clients who have had poor experience through this method and are struggling to find options to make their hearing aids work for them.

Try Before You Buy

We offer a 30 day, no obligation trial on all our hearing aid technology.