Warranty Repair Service

Other than the post there is no cost for your warranty repair service.

If you have bought Hearing aids privately there is a likelihood that your hearing aids came with a manufacturer’s warranty of 2 or 5 years.

At Lanarkshire Hearing Centre we can check warranty details on your behalf and fulfil any warranty defects you may have. As an independent we have access to all the major brands so you don’t need to be a patient of ours to have any warranty defects repaired.

The warranty does not include user damage or loss this should be insured with your house insurer separately.

If your hearing aid is at fault the first instance should be to call the team and we will go through the problems on the phone with you.

Anne & Steven Ross from Lanarkshire Hearing Centre

Invitation to our clinic

Out of warranty?

Out of warranty repair £120 with 6 month warranty included after repair.