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Your Journey To Better Hearing

You will not be charged for your aftercare so we urge you to reach out to us should you need our help.

At Lanarkshire Hearing Centre we feel we offer the best patient journey for you or your loved one.

All your appointments with us will be part of your over all ear health package so should you require any assistance at any time all you need to do is call and make an appointment and you will be seen at a time that is convenient to you.

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During your first consultation we will conduct a full and thorough hearing test.

Hearing Tests In depth COSI - understanding you and your hearing loss. What problems are you having and how can we work together to fix them.
Hearing Tests Ear Health Check - We will now examine the health of your ears by inspecting your ear canal. We will be looking for ear wax, the condition of your ear canal & the health of your ear drum. We will show you this using our high resolution otoscope equipment.
Hearing Tests If your outer ear is healthy we will then carry out a series of audio-metric tests. This will include AC & BC testing followed by a serious of word tests. This part is where we establish exactly where or even if there is a probelm.
Hearing Tests We will now explain your results in a clear manner that you will understand. We feel it is very important that you understand why you have hearing loss and why you may struggle in certain situations. Our experience shows that people who fully understand their hearing loss have a higher satisfaction rate with hearing aids.
Hearing Tests Now we will give you a live demo of hearing aids. This will give you an immediate understanding of what you can expect from the correct hearing aid prescription. 
Hearing Tests From here we will work together to get you the right solution that you can take away for a free diagnostic trial.

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Your Journey To Better Hearing



We will look at the data that has been gathered during your diagnostic trial.

The main reason we do not test your hearing and fit hearing aids the same day or even talk about what hearing aids you need on your first appointment is that we don’t really know without the relevant data. We can make a good guess but why do that when we can really fine tune your needs?

Our diagnostic trial follow up will look at the information the hearing instruments you tried logged while you tried them.

We all lead complex lives some more than others. While you are wearing your free trial hearing aids they will constantly log things like usage time & environments you found yourself wearing the hearing aids in as well as many other essential pieces of data that will help us fine tune your selection.

Once we have all this data will be able to work with you to select the correct hearing aid technology for you.



We will now fit your hearing aids and show you how to use them. We believe that you should avoid hearing test and fit on the same day.

We feel its important that your hearing test appointment is thorough and you have a solid understanding of your hearing loss. Only then should we progress to fitting.

During this appointment we will custom programme your hearing aids & show you how to use them.



You will now have had your hearing aids for 10 days its time for us to check your progress. During this appointment we will connect your hearing aids to our computer systems and check the settings as well as the logging information.

You will tell us how your experience has been and believe it or not the hearing aids will tell us all the different challenges you have faced!! This is called log it all.

Between your feedback and the hearing aids we will now fine tune your hearing aids so we can achieve optimal results.

Depending on experience you may require 2 of these appointments



You will never leave us without a forward appointment and the maximum time between appointments will be 6 months.

Hearing Tests Clean and check the acoustics of the hearing aid.
Hearing Tests Update any new software updates from your hearing aid manufacturer.
Hearing Tests Check the health of your ears for ear wax and general health.
Hearing Tests Re-programme your hearing aids if your listener experience has changed.
Hearing Tests Carry out in situ audiometry to make sure you are in perfect alignment with your hearing aids.
Hearing Tests Every 18 months we will carry out a full hearing reassessment to make sure your hearing has not changed and if so we will re programme and readjust your hearing aids as necessary.