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Hearing Test, Hearing aid & Hearing aid repair order during COVID 19

We have teamed up with Shoebox audiometry and their award-winning hearing testing platform.

Shoebox have designed a full professional hearing test that can be conducted by you the patient.

Book Your Hearing Test

If you are considered vulnerable because you have underlying conditions, we would recommend our isolated hearing test using our innovative self testing shoe box audiometry equipment.

For all other patients you will follow our strict in clinic testing and hygiene protocols.

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Please note – By Appointment only - No Walk ins will be accepted

We have suspended online bookings all bookings must be by phone


Home testing procedure for the at risk

We will deliver the hearing test equipment to your door. The kit will have gone through full infection control.

You will receive the kit and with our support we will help you carry out a hearing test. We will supply full instructions but will also offer support through either a phone call or using the built-in app that will allow us to face time you.

As well as the audiometer for testing your hearing you will receive a video otoscope that you will use to capture a picture of your ear.

Once finished we will pick the audiometer up and will sanitise it using our sanitation protocol.

Hearing Aid Selection

We now have your hearing results

We will now consult with you over the phone the best type of hearing aid for you. We will help you select an appropriate solution.

Once we have agreed a solution, we will programme the hearing aids to your hearing loss & then we will have your hearing aids delivered. Again, we will follow strict infection control. We will supply you with all relevant fitting instructions along with how to take care of them and maintain them. 

We will also follow this up with video messages and phone calls to make sure you have the essential support you need.

Please note – By Appointment only - No Walk ins will be accepted

We have suspended online bookings all bookings must be by phone


If we provide you with hearing aids, we will also support you with a full aftercare service. When COVID 19 is over we will immediately arrange to come and visit you or will invite you into one of our clinics. We will go through the full hearing assessment again along with otoscopy.

We will make sure you have full maintenance kit and support. If you opt for a hearing aid that is not rechargeable, we will make sure you have sufficient batteries delivered to your door.


Please remember these are extraordinary times and we @ LHC are the first in the UK to come up with this solution. We need you to help make this better so we can share it. Also remember that this is not how we would normally carry out our service, but we are doing this to help those who need it most. Being isolated at this time with no hearing is very hard and that is why we have developed this system to try and help those who need to communicate. Please be patient and help us where you can.

Please note – By Appointment only - No Walk ins will be accepted

We have suspended online bookings all bookings must be by phone


How it works

For those not deemed high risk then the following procedure applies. Please always call first there will be no walk ins accepted at this time.
1 You will call the clinic to make an appointment.
2 You will arrive at the allotted time not early and certainly not late.
3 On arrival you will be met by the audiologist who will instruct you where to go.
4 Please do not bring visitors with you into the clinic unless they are from the same household.
5 Please refrain from touching anything with your hands unless instructed to do so.  
6 We will look in your ears with our video otoscope.
6 We will now give you the hearing test using our specially developed kit – you will do the test in isolation in our hearing room.
7 Once completed we will discuss the results at a safe distance.
8 We will then discuss options and decide on next steps.

Hearing Aid Supply

If you are supplied with hearing aids, we will either pre programme them to your hearing loss and deliver them to your door which will be the safest procedure during this time. We will support this system with calls and pre-recorded videos to help you get the most out of your hearing aids.

We are also specialists in remote care. Remote care allows us to connect to your hearing aids while you sit at home and we sit in our clinic.

If you need a clinic visit, then the strict above protocols will be set in place.