Hearing Aid Fitting & Follow Up Appointments

Hearing Aid Fitting (60 minutes)

Free to Lanarkshire Hearing Centre Patients

£120 to non-patients

You have had your hearing tested and your trial was a success!

Next, we get you back to fit your very own hearing aids

Hearing Aid Fitting and Follow Ups

In this appointment we will show you

Important Notice

Lanarkshire Hearing Centre are leading audiologists.

We feel it’s essential you have a thorough hearing test and where appropriate trial (trial link)of the hearing aids that are right for you.

We do not subscribe to having your hearing tested and fitted with hearing aids on the same day.

To get the absolute best from your hearing aids and deliver life changing hearing care we must treat your hearing test (hearing test link) and your hearing aid fitting with their own respect. 

Because we have this service outlook our success rate is the highest in the areas we operate.

Hearing Aid Follow Up and Customisation

Follow Up’s & Customisation

3rd & 4th consultation

You will now have had your hearing aids for 10 days, it’s time for us to check your progress.

During this appointment

Our only focus is on you and your ears


Full Hearing Test - £60 
Full Hearing Test with GP Referral Letter £80
Full Hearing Test with full written report and results (includes GP Referral letter) - £120
Should you buy a hearing aid from us we will reimburse 100% of the cost of your hearing test.