Hearing Care

Your Journey To Better Hearing

At Lanarkshire Hearing Centre we feel we offer the best patient journey for you or your loved one. All your appointments with us will be part of your over all ear health package so should you require any assistance at any time all you need to do is call and make an appointment and you will be seen at a time that is convenient to you.

You will not be charged for your aftercare so we urge you to reach out to us should you need our help.

We have clinics in Hamilton, East Kilbride, Clarkston, Ross Hall Hospital and Nuffield Hospital.

Take the stress out of your journey! Our clinics offer the luxury of Ample On-Site Convenient Parking right on our doorstep.

Hearing Test

We offer a 30 day trial on all our hearing aid technology, no deposit, no obligation

Hearing Test

1st consultation (90 mins)

During your first consultation we will conduct a full and thorough hearing test.


2nd consultation (60 mins)

We will now fit your hearing aids and show you how to use them.

We believe that you should avoid hearing test and fit on the same day.

We feel its important that your hearing test appointment is thorough and you have a solid understanding of your hearing loss. Only then should we progress to fitting.

During this appointment we will custom programme your hearing aids & show you how to use them.

Hearing Care Log It All

Follow Up

3rd & 4th consultation

You will now have had your hearing aids for 10 days its time for us to check your progress.

During this appointment we will connect your hearing aids to our computer systems and check the settings as well as the logging information.

You will tell us how your experience has been and believe it or not the hearing aids will tell us all the different challenges you have faced!! This is called log it all.

Between your feedback and the hearing aids we will now fine tune your hearing aids so we can achieve optimal results.

Depending on experience you may require 2 of these appointments.

Hearing Check Ups

every 6 months (30 min)

You will never leave us without a forward appointment and the maximum time between appointments will be 6 months.

Test Your Hearing Online

Check if you have a hearing loss and take the next steps to better hearing. Book a test!

Our online hearing check is free, only requires a few minutes of your time, & can be done at home.