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Buying a hearing aid can be quite the dark art. Things to watch out for:

Hearing Tests Online companies falsely claiming to be 50% cheaper than the high street.
Hearing Tests National chains can be tied in to one particular manufacturer so can't offer independent advice.
Hearing Tests Try not to have the car radio blaring. Is the road noise loud? Don't compensate by turning up that dial.
Hearing Tests National chains offer white label unbranded product that can't be compared online.
Hearing Tests National companies disguised as local companies that will then sell on your information. 
Hearing Tests Companies offering you old technology disguised as their own brand.


Hearing Tests Ask lots of questions.
Hearing Tests Could you give me examples of where this is 50% more expensive then check.
Hearing Tests Ask to know exactly what this product is so I can check it against other products.
Hearing Tests Ask if this is absolutely the latest product and if it's any different from branded product.
Hearing Tests Ask if the company is fully independent or has investment from a hearing aid manufacturer. 
Hearing Tests Is your information being passed on to a 3rd party? 

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