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Viron by Bernafon – The world’s first True Environment processing technology inside a hearing aid.



Bernafon have launched their latest product as of May 2019. The Viron is hot on the heels of their business partners in the Demont Group, Oticon who recently launched the new Oticon OPN S1.

If past experiences are anything to go by then this will be another top-quality product from the Swiss hearing aid manufacturer.

As Oticon and Bernafon share the same Velox chip then we know this product will have market leading sound quality and first-class clarity.

Viron by Bernafon’s hearing instruments have one goal in mind – To provide the most natural sound possible. Using the Velox chip in their Zerena product it would be hard to argue against their already capable claim that they are getting close to reality.
In fact, Oticon recently mentioned that their new hearing aid the Oticon OPN1 S is on par with normal hearing.

A bold claim. And having fitted some I would have to say the sound quality is indeed class leading.

Therefore, Bernafon's new Viron will provide that closer to reality sound. It must. Using their tried and trusted DECs technology in the hearing aid which stimulates your ears with exceedingly precise information in real time taking this to the next level with the faster processor will help listeners not only focus on what’s important to them but also keep that sound close to the world around them, natural sound with no distortion or cutting out real world sounds.

How much do hearing aids cost?

Viron Processing Chip

We will discuss below the finer details of the new hearing aid chipset in the Viron. The new chip has been further developed and now provides 32,000 data points about the current environment you are in every second. It will use this high level of data to adjust the hearing aids amplification and sound quality 20,000 times per second.

Bernafon call this true environment processing. Most manufacturers of hearing aids use environmental classification in their hearing instruments to help you hear better. What is this? Basically, the hearing aid has different settings for the different environments you are in.

The hearing aid will automatically move from one setting to another dependent on this environment. It can be rigid and limited claim Bernafon as you are never in the same environment twice even if you are in the same place on different days there are so many factors that can make it different therefore how can you be happy with 1 setting to cover that?

With true environment processing Bernafon allows the hearing aid to keep all the natural sounds but use rapid processing to select the most important. No artificial sound cleaning resulting in a better and clearer signal.

It calls this system DECS which stands for Dynamic Environment Control System

DECS has 4 parts

New Dynamic feedback canceler
The all new chip in the hearing aid means that it cancels whistling noises 10 times faster than the old hearing aid. Does your hearing aid whistle? Then Viron will make sure you don’t experience those embarrassing moments anymore.

The Viron hearing aids by Bernafon will analyse the input signal up to 126,000 times per second. This allows any nasty whistling from the hearing aids to be cut within milliseconds.

Why is this important? Better feedback management lets us open your ears up to more natural sounds. The more we can open your ears up and allow the natural world in the less we need to rely on pure hearing aid amplification. The best results are achieved when we mix natural sound with amplified sound. Viron hearing aids allow us to give you that more natural hearing experience.
Dynamic Noise Management
Attenuating noise without affecting speech

Dynamic Noise Management inside the hearing instruments optimises where sound is coming from and how to manage noise reduction for natural hearing clarity. Viron from Bernafon hearings aids gives users the ability to hear sounds from all around them without filtering out essential sounds. The hearing aids will avoid applying directionality or tunnel like hearing as well as reducing noise unnecessarily, so they focus on delivering the highest quality and most natural sound.

By targeting and reducing noise where is needed most the hearing aids will allow you to focus on what’s important to you.
Dynamic Amplification control
Better speech understanding in every situation

The main focus here is to make sure your hearing aids give smooth sound without erratic noise fluctuations. When someone pauses speaking some hearing aids can fluctuate with the noise levels in the background. Because the DECS system is constantly analysing 20,000 times per second it can smooth out those gaps give you a much more comfortable and realistic sound experience through the hearing aids.

The system will look at the incoming signal rapidly. Analyse the speech and the noise and make sure the speech is superior to the Nosie.
Dynamic Speech Processing
Ties it all together

DSP works with the dynamic amplification control in your hearing aids. Its job is to rapidly adjust the volume in your hearing aids and help compress sounds that you can’t hear into audible range and protect your ears from loud sounds coming through. It will also take out erratic background noise sounds and softer erratic sounds to give you a more realistic and natural sound. 

Comparison Chart

Hearing Aids with Rechargeability

A big hole in Bernafon’s game has now been fixed. Personally, I love Bernafon. Their products are great, and all our customers are happy with them, but more and more customers now want rechargeable hearing aids. Nobody wants to put batteries in anymore and why would you? Bernafon like Oticon have finally fixed this problem and all receiver in the ear (RITE), hearing aids now come in rechargeable options.

They are Lithium Ion Rechargeable Hearing aids but with a little twist. Where all other manufacturers use a closed system with no accessibility to the hearing instrument battery Bernafon along with Oticon have an accessible battery.

Why this is important? No one knows for sure what will happen with lithium ion rechargeable hearing aids in 3 to 5 years’ time. Historically rechargeable hearing instruments have been its fair to say a failure. Lithium ion since its inception seems to solve the historical failures BUT we’re not far enough down the line to be certain. With that in mind if you can change a battery in your hearing care professionals’ shop then there are so many advantages.

Another advantage of both the Oticon and Bernafon Lithium Ion Hearing aids is that they use the induction coil for loop systems to charge. This means that although you have a rechargeable hearing aid you don’t lose loop functionality and maintain the clear sound that a hearing telecoil loop system can deliver. Many manufacturers don’t offer both rechargeable hearing instruments with telecoil loop system function.

Five Reasons to Choose the Viron Hearing Aids

Viron Hearing Aids
Natural sound experience which is close to real hearing
Viron Hearing Aids
Improved speech understanding in background noise and challenging situations
Viron Hearing Aids
Maximum listening enjoyment even in noise
Viron Hearing Aids
Reduced effort on your ears and brain
Viron Hearing Aids
Various options to stream calls and music