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New Hearing Aid Technology on the Horizon

Virto Black by Phonak

As hearing aid dispensers and audiologists we live in the technology world. As many of you know that own a mobile phone or even a TV the world of tech moves fast. Here I am going to talk about what is on the ear term horizon for hearing aid wearers and lovers of hearing technology. Hearing aids near me and dear to me are rechargeable hearing aids, Hearing aids that offer connectivity and assistive devices and hearing aids that are stylish but that is just me!! You make your own mind up! 

Virto Black by Phonak

I have spoken many times about hearing aids becoming more accessible and trendier. I have told of my belief that hearing aids will be worn by everyone in 5 years because smart ears are the next big thing. A good example of this would be the Starkey Livio AI hearing instrument. This hearing instrument tracks your health and translates foreign languages!

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Well the Virto Marvel Black by Phonak takes this one step further. What Phonak have done is introduce a product that looks and feels like a wireless set of Bluetooth headphones. Let’s look at the Jabra Elite 65t headphones that I wear at the gym (interest picture) 

As you can see these are a slick trendy looking headset which no one bats an eyelid at when I wear them, Why? Well because everyone thinks there just a headset for streaming calls and music. 

Enter Phonak’s Virto Black Hearing aid

As you can see this is a bold design for a hearing aid. Gone are the boring beige colours and enter this striking black gloss. What’s really interesting about this product is how excited people are who do not need hearing aids!! Current headphone technology has limited streaming ability in fact my Jabra headset only offer me hours of streaming the Virto Marvel will potentially offer days of connectivity before replacing the power source. 

That is very exciting. Couple that with the unbelievable performance and options Marvel can give you then we are looking at one very, very exciting and potentially ground-breaking bit of kit.  

If you want to know how good I think Phonak Marvel is then read my review here 

For more info on Phonak products click here 

Connectivity! Connectivity! Connectivity!

Personally, I hope products like this will spell the death of CIC (Completely in the Canal) hearing aids. With the connectivity this product will offer I will bang my head off the table if people still opt for tiny hearing aids that offer nothing in the way of hearing better but everything in the way of lightening the load on your bank account! 

Streaming calls to these hearing aids and music will make them so versatile that you would need to see a DR if you wanted to forego that for a tiny thing that your throw down your ear and it blocks off the world.  

These hearing aids are designed to be seen! When you couple up the quality of sound with the fact that they will connect to the market leading Roger system

You really will need your head looked at if you still choose the pointless hearing aid that is a CIC. 

As always Lanarkshire Hearing Centre will offer a free trial of these hearing aids the minute, they hit UK Shores.

Starkey Does it again!

It wouldn’t be new tech day without Starkey getting involved. The American Family business has only gone and invented the very 1st rechargeable in the ear hearing aid & they also have only went and made it look like a Bluetooth head set!! 

Its very early days with this one but the hearing aids do look sleek and very similar to Phonak’s Virto Marvel described above. For more info on the Starkey Livio hearing aids see here 

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