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Been told there is nothing you can do and you need to live with it?

We hear so many stories about people who have asked for help for their tinnitus whether from the GP or an audiologist only for them to be told there is nothing you can do about it you need to learn to live with it.


At Lanarkshire Hearing Centre we are passionate about hearing and wellbeing & that’s why it’s in our title; it reminds us that our patient’s wellbeing is paramount to our values.

Tinnitus management falls into this category as not all people with tinnitus will have hearing loss.

To that end they may require counselling and certain strategies to cope with tinnitus. Or perhaps they just need a better understanding of their tinnitus and how it affects others as well as themselves.

If tinnitus is bothering you or you may be curious about your tinnitus call us today and arrange a Tinnitus assessment or Tinnitus wellbeing appointment.

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Another area which comes under our passion for wellbeing.

Tinnitus can affect anyone and in the worst-case scenario can drive a person to take their own life.

At Lanarkshire Hearing Centre we take tinnitus management extremely seriously.
Tinnitus does not just effect people with hearing loss although statistics tell us that about 80% of tinnitus sufferers will have some form of hearing loss it can be brought on by mental or physical problems.


If you have tinnitus, even if you think it is mild, we urge you to book a Tinnitus assessment or Tinnitus wellbeing appointment with us today.

Full Tinnitus Assessment as listed below £120 which includes full written report.

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In depth discussion into your current medical history and if any existing medical conditions.
Tinnitus Impact Questionnaire – This will help us understand your subjective perception of your tinnitus and its consequences.
Tinnitus Functional Index – In depth session into impact of tinnitus on you and its severity
Physical Ear Examination – Otoscopy and video otoscopy to determine health of outer ear and ear drum.
Full hearing Assessment – Establish hearing thresholds. 
Uncomfortable Loudness Test – Establish the maximum perceived loudness levels.
Tinnitus Pitch Match – Find the note of your tinnitus so we can relate.
Tinnitus Loudness Match – Find the volume of your tinnitus.
Tinnitus Masking Levels – Finding the level to mask out the tinnitus.
Full Explanation of results and suggested treatments.


Ear Wax Removal

Ear Wax Removal

If ear wax is the issue (the most common cause of tinnitus and hearing loss), we will remove the impacted ear wax and hopefully the hearing loss along with the tinnitus.
Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss

If we find a treatable hearing loss we will treat that first. In most cases this will go a long way to drastically reduce the impact of tinnitus and completely mask the Tinnitus.

We will give you 30 days to try the hearing solution completely free of charge with no obligation.
Tinnitus Retraining Therapy – £95 (45 Minute session)
Counselling on how best to manage your tinnitus and cope with persistent noise.
Tinnitus Wellbeing Coaching – £95 (45 min session)
Tinnitus management through sound therapy along with relaxation techniques, Tinnitus Mindset Coaching & sound management.

We may also feel we should refer you to the ENT department for further investigation depending on the outcome of the tinnitus assessment.