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Lanarkshire Hearing Centre only works with the world’s best suppliers of hearing aids and assistive devices.

All our products come with a free 30-day trial & up to 5 year warranty.

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We pride ourselves on our attention to detail when it comes to sourcing the world’s best hearing technology and our focus is always on supplying what is best for our clients.

We have the highest standards and challenge our suppliers to meet those standards or help us raise the bar.

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Bernafon are a Swiss hearing health company.

Part of the William Demant Group which is one of the largest manufacturers of audiology equipment in the world Bernafon offer clients that superb quality that comes with Swiss Engineering.

With 4 levels of technology to choose from there is a Bernafon hearing aid for everyone.

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Bernafon Hearing Aids


GN Resound are another heavyweight hearing aid manufacturer from Denmark. Unlike Carlsberg lager the Danes love to see their hearing aid technology leave and be worn all over the world!

GN Resound are known for not being scared to try things that push boundaries. The most popular hearing aids in the world at the moment are hearing instruments called receiver in the canal (RIC) or receiver in the ear hearing aids (RITE)

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Resound Hearing Aids

All our products come with a free 30 day trial & up to 5 year warranty.

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Oticon from Denmark produce some of the worlds finest hearing aids especially in its Opn format.

Famous for sleek designs and the finest sound quality available Oticon is as premium as hearing aids come. Not available in your traditional big brand high street stores Oticon sets itself apart by only being available in specialist hearing centres.

With the company based in Hamilton it offers unrivalled local support!

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Oticon Hearing Aids
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Phonak are a Swiss manufacturer of hearing aids. They are always at the forefront for hearing technology and famous for groundbreaking designs and outstanding sound quality.

Phonak are part of the Sonova group which are the biggest hearing aid group in the World.

They spend over £100 million annually on research and development.

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Phonak Hearing Aids

All our products come with a free 30 day trial & up to 5 year warranty.

Signia Logo Block Set


Global heavyweight and German tech giant Siemens make many things and hearing aids was just a small part of their huge empire.

Did they do it well? Arguably no. They had real problems with their feedback manager which had a real effect amongst hearing care professionals.

If you asked Siemens direct, they would probably say they had bigger projects than hearing aids.

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Signia Hearing Aids
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Unitron from Canada are part of the Sonova group which along with Phonak are the biggest supplier of hearing aids in the world.

Unitron pride themselves on great customer care and unique customer management tools. They make the smallest hearing aid in the world and manage to do so without cutting corners.

Innovative and passionate their focus is to support independents and their quality will not be found on the high street.

Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Prices
Unitron Hearing Aids

All our products come with a free 30 day trial & up to 5 year warranty.

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Starkey - The only American company that operates in the big leagues of the hearing aid world. A family owned business the company prides itself on family values.

With 50 years experience in hearing care Bill Austin founder and chairman started life repairing hearing aids from a little shop in Texas. Bill then went on and built one of the biggest global wholesaler of hearing instruments. He built hearing aids of such great quality that even President Regan was fitted with a pair of Starkey Hearing aids.

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Starkey Hearing Aids
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Widex hearing aids don’t just sound spectacular. They look spectacular too. Combining technology with functionality and aesthetics is a typical attribute of the Widex design. Of course, for Widex good design doesn’t just apply to the outside of our hearing aids but the inside as well.

From the drawing board to the finished article, every aspect of a Widex hearing aid is designed to work, perform and sound as close to perfect as possible.

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Widex Hearing Aids