How we can help the most vulnerable and the over 70’s

How we can help the most vulnerable and the over 70’s

Recent guidance from our governing bodies has allowed for sensible reopening of audiology clinics. With that in mind we still think there should be a limit to certain services particularly to the most vulnerable.

If you are over 70 or you are at more risk if you contract COVID 19 we would still strongly advise you stay home and any advice to the contrary would be concerning.

That does not mean you can’t receive any help far from it. What this means is we as audiologists have to work differently. Audiology is a technology-based profession. One positive thing to come out of this situation is that we at Lanarkshire Hearing Centre have had to look at different ways of working. This investigation has resulted in some amazing technological finds.

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Using Technology

Lanarkshire Hearing Centre have invested in a portable @ home self-testing audiological kit. What does this mean? What this means is that you no longer need to leave your house to have your hearing tested. What it also means is that you don’t even need me the audiologist to be present while you carry out the test. Our kit allows you to test your own hearing in your own home while being on your own! That’s a lot of OWN/’s I know but its important to understand this.

Traveling to get your ears tested should not be considered essential if there is a way you can get them tested without travel. Why put yourself or others at risk?

It’s imperative we stick to the safest practice where we can. Failure to do so is taking unnecessary risks. Although we can still offer people in clinic appointments following very strict guidelines we would still advise the most vulnerable to opt for our @home testing platform.

Our at home testing platform means you will have no physical human contact which means that it is the safest method of testing hearing we believe in the United Kingdom at present.

Even if you are not listed as vulnerable, we will still push towards this option for safety reasons.

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