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Hearing loss can have an effect everywhere, our hearing is a major sense. Did you know that 4 million people of working age have hearing loss? Did you know that the unemployment rate amongst people with hearing loss is almost 50%?

Why is this? Its one of the vital senses just like our eyes. Yes people with sight loss wear glasses and carry out their functions perfectly well without any thought. We don't think twice about having our eyes tested or wearing glasses. In fact glasses are a fashion accessory so what about hearing? Why that stigma?

Hearing plays such a major part in our wellbeing. If 50% of the hearing impaired population are unemployed then that's proof enough. Hearing is communication and is essential to our quality of life.
Despite multiple research showing that untreated hearing loss increases risk of cognitive decline, unemployment, depression, loneliness & dementia why do millions still have untreated hearing loss? With modern technology being so discrete, comfortable and automatic there should be no need to be afraid of helping your hearing especially if you can get a free trial! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

In fact modern technology can connect to your phone, laptop, TV or IPad delivering smart hearing that will give you better functionality than someone with no hearing loss! Hearing instruments are connected in a connected world.

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Research is showing that Hearing loss has major links to Dementia as well as cognitive decline. When we don't hear we don't exercise key areas within our brain. Our warning signals that we take for granted deteriorate. Our sense of space and direction diminish. This causes us to withdraw from social activities which in turn put our physical and mental health at risk. It just doesn't have to be this way.


To be alive to live well we need to hear and see all the things that are important. We need to hear laughing, crying, music, conversations even the boring ones! TV, church, concerts, wives, husbands kids & grand kids. These sounds are the fuel of life and makes life so rich and special.

When our hearing starts to fade these sounds we took for granted start to lose their edge. This very slight and gradual change leads us to gently withdraw and it makes us withdraw from the things we love.

Viron Hearing Aids

Hearing loss might cause embarrassment

But it shouldn't

Viron Hearing Aids

Missing the things you love might mean you are unhappy

But it shouldn't

Viron Hearing Aids

Hearing conversations but not clearly might make you feel left out

But it shouldn't

Widex Hearing Aids

Not grasping information quickly can lead to anxiety

But it shouldn't

Viron Hearing Aids

Not feeling part of something you have been part of can lead to isolation and loneliness

But it shouldn't


Stigma is one of the main reasons that people don't do anything about their hearing. Why? Well old people wear hearing aids right? WRONG! Old people don't wear hearing aids old people are the ones going eh? What? Old people are the ones sitting in the corner not getting involved because they can't hear.

The fact is young people wear hearing aids. People who want to remain active both physically and mentally. Helping your hearing keeps the grey matter exercised and prolongs your brain health keeping you cognitively young, healthy and vibrant. It's a fact that active people with hearing loss have done something about their hearing that's why they can remain young and active.


Hearing Loss

Missing the grand kids tell you wonderful stories.

Hearing Loss & It's Impact

Missing out on the joys of life because you withdraw from social situations.

Hearing Loss & It's Impact

Frustrating loved ones by constantly asking them to repeat things.

Hearing Loss & It's Impact

Less confidence which results in loss of independence.

Hearing Loss & It’s Impact

Missing the jokes at a family party.

Hearing Loss & It's Impact

Being spoken to like you're going downhill.