Hearing Aid Trial & Why It's Essential

Do any of the following apply to you?

These are only some of the questions that go through many people’s mind when they are thinking about hearing aids.

Therefore at Lanarkshire Hearing Centre’s we firmly believe that any hearing aid should come with a trial period.

The reality is your audiologist has no idea how hearing aids are going to perform in environments that are unique to you… How could they? 

Suggesting the right hearing aid is only part of the puzzle without a real-world trial. We cannot say for certain whether the hearing aids we have chosen are right or not. 

Why would you buy something that is not right then fight to get your money back?

Why a trial is essential:

We need real world data to help you and make you hear at your best.

Hearing aids can record live data and using this along with your feedback only then can we find the right hearing aid for you…. Otherwise, it is a bit of a guess.

Every manufacturer employs different strategies when processing sound its quite common not to like a particular manufacturer. 

You may want a particular style of hearing aid but after trying it realise that it is not comfortable or does not fit your ear. 

You may want to compare any new styles or models against your current hearing aids but would not want to risk buying new hearing aids just to compare.

Hearing Aid Fitting and Trial

Lanarkshire Hearing Centre is a true audiology company.

It’s all we do. We only specialise in ears.

We know from feedback from our customers that the trial we gave them helped.

Our only focus is on you and your ears

Full Hearing Test - £60 
Full Hearing Test with GP Referral Letter £80
Full Hearing Test with full written report and results (includes GP Referral letter) - £120
Should you buy a hearing aid from us we will reimburse 100% of the cost of your hearing test.