The Ayes and the Dinnaes of Ear Wax by Lanarkshire Hearing Centre

Get your ear wax removed for £40 for one and £60 for both*

Ear Wax love it or hate it I can tell you it’s hear (see what I did there), to stay. Cerumen, the correct name for Ear Wax comes in many different shapes, colours and sizes.

Clear your ears

Ear wax generally a dark yellow or brown colour manifests itself in the outer portion of the ear canal. Its job is to keep your ear clean.

YES that’s right ear wax is not dirty it’s perfectly natural and healthy protecting your ears from dust, bacteria and even little tiny creatures from crawling down your ear canal and living there.

So why are we so obsessed with cleaning wax out our ears? It’s healthy, its unavoidable and Ear wax is clean. Regardless there are some people who just don’t want wax in their ears.

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There are of course the natural causes to have ear wax cleaned out your ear:

All of these can contribute to an ear wax blockage.

Excessive ear wax

Excessively hairy ears

Having to wear ear defenders at work

Wearing hearing aids

Here are our recommended Aye its all right and dinnae dae thats when it comes to ear wax removal

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The Aye its all right

Ear wax is good. If it’s not blocking your ears from hearing ok then its ok to be left alone. Ear wax is a common cause of sudden hearing loss if you have not experienced a sudden hearing loss due to ear wax then your ear wax may be best left alone.
Before getting the DIY kit out to remove your earwax…. Cotton buds, Kirby grips, matchstick or Lego Darth Vaders lightsabre…. Seek an expert opinion. Your ear drum is only 0.1 mm thick it’s just not worth it.
Look for an expert opinion if your hearing suddenly goes. Also, if you begin to feel pain inside your ear canal or there is buzzing known as tinnitus or even your ear feels full seek professional help and don’t try and remedy it yourself.
Understand the cause and effect of ear wax in the ear. Some causes of impacted ear wax are
  • Do you wear ear protection at work?
  • Do you swim a lot?
  • Do you rub your ears a lot?
  • Do you poke things down your ears?
  • Do you have narrow ear canals?
  • Do you wear hearing protection?

Some effects of impacted ear wax are:

  • You could feel a dullness in your hearing.
  • Is your ear ringing or if you are wearing a hearing aid is it whistling?
  • If you move your ear around do you hear better, then it goes again?
  • Is your voice echoing inside your head?
  • Do you have pain in your ears?

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Nothing smaller than your elbow should go down your ear!

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The Dinnae Bothers

Hearing Tests As my granny used to say…. Nothing smaller than your elbow should go down your ear! (she never used to say this… I’m sure the guy who told me this also lives the lie and his granny never told him either). Say no to cotton buds! Again your ear drum is 0.1 mm! Your ear drum has no chance from a cotton bud.
Hearing Tests Don’t overclean your ear canals. Ear wax is good not bad. Flushing your ear canals out with the shower is not a good idea. If you get the water angle wrong you could burst your ear drum. Also a reduced amount of ear wax or no ear wax in your ear could cause irritation or infection.
Hearing Tests Ear Candles dinnae bother!!! Although not as dangerous as a cotton bud Ear candles or hopi ear candles are nonsense. Don’t believe me? Then come along and we will take a picture of your ear wax before and after the hopi candle experience. I can tell you your ears will still be full of ear wax. If that does not put you off there is always the chance of damage to the ear canal or ear drum.
Hearing Tests Do not watch you tube then have a go for yourself. Yes people have admitted to us that they have tried to remove it after watching youtube videos on ear wax removal. Home ear wax removal kits from Amazon tend to be the favourite. The worst… A corkscrew that you screw in your ear that wraps ear wax around it… A syringe with no instructions but lots of promises none of which was we promise to blow your ear drum if you use the contraption. Just don’t do it!
Always seek professional advice when it comes to ear wax especially when it comes to ear wax removal.

For more information on ear wax removal click on the links below which explain our procedures in full along with the FAQ’s

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