Oticon Genie 2 22.1 Hands-free for iPhone
Diabetes and Hearing Loss
Diabetes & Hearing Loss
February 24, 2022
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Oticon Genie 2 22.1


Genie 2 | 2022.1: More optimal fitting from the start

Oticon Genie 2 is a fitting, counselling, and audiology software tool that helps audiologists provide top-quality hearing aid fittings.

Oticon Genie 2 | 2022.1 helps us fit Oticon hearing aids in the most optimal way, with continuous enhancements to support your fitting and fine-tuning across in-clinic and remote visits.

New updates include:

  • Adjustments to the options in MoreSound Intelligence™ are now available in Fitting Assistant as well as a new Feedback category with specific complaints and recommended solutions.
  • New mouseover text regarding keyboard shortcuts for In-situ Audiometry make testing quicker and easier.
  • The connection status between Genie 2 to the Verifit® or Verifit®2 can be checked in the Preferences menu when you enter the IP address or hostname.
  • Verifit®LINK venting autoselection allows Genie 2 to exchange venting information with Verifit2 to match the target at all frequencies.
  • The ability to fit Oticon More miniBTE T and miniBTE R, Play PX and Zircon instruments.

More Firmware and Hands-free for iPhone

Hands-free communication for iPhone is here! It’s available to new and existing Oticon More clients using the latest iPhone & iPad models.

Optimising The Audio Experience

OPTIMAL DISTANCE: Phone in pocket same side

INDOORS: On table, more surfaces to bounce off of

OUTDOORS: Place phone close to body

Hands-free quick guide for clients