Starkey have basically invented a whole new machine. So much so I would challenge anybody to not want one hearing loss or not.



Okay so where to start with this! Most hearing aid manufacturers when they launch a new hearing aid either update existing features or add a few new ones.

Starkey have basically invented a whole new machine. So much so I would challenge anybody to not want one hearing loss or not.

Starkey don't even call this thing a hearing aid. Helping people hear better is just something it does as well as a host of other cool stuff. Infect Starkey call this a health-able. It monitors health like heartbeat, steps etc as well as detects if you have fell sending messages to loved ones, translates foreign languages, sends texts to your mobile so you can see what someone is saying as well as hear & streams your mobile phone TV or movies to it!

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The Starkey Livio AI is an action-packed gadget full of cool things and revolutionary new tools. Cant understand someone speaking to you in French? No problem the Starkey Livio AI hearing aid will translate Pascal turn it into English so you can easily understand whats being aid. No problem if you don't like France you have 26 other languages to choose from!


Starkey Livio AI has a bunch of integrated sensors. These sensors detect a rapid change in movement such as the head falling at speed and distance. Once detected the hearing aids will send a message to pre-selected people like loved one or carers allowing them to know there has been unusual activity and they should investigate immediately. How crucial could this be?


This could be potentially the best APP yet. With so many cool features these hearing aids are truly interactive. With an inbuilt heart rate monitor you can tell in an instant if someone is stressing you out or if you're just working that little to hard!! Lanarkshire Hearing Centre LOVE this as we feel monitoring heart rate easiest is a great way to practice mindfulness and we all know mindfulness is very good fr us!

The app will also measure how and when you wear your hearing aids. It will follow this information up with suggestions Add steps to this and at the end of each day the hearing aids give you an overall wellness score.


Starkey reckon with its new hearing aid chip which is @ the heart of any hearing aid and its ability to use artificial intelligence and machine learning they have produced their best sounding and most capable hearing aid yet. The system detects itself in up to 7 different environments then adjusts itself accordingly for example - You are on the golf course and its windy. The wind is bothering you and you feel the need to adjust your hearing aids. The machine in the hearing aids will learn this behaviour and automatically tune them down if you find yourself in this situation again.

In fact the more you adjust your hearing aids in different environments the more information will be supplied. In the long run this will mean no adjustments as the hearing aids have learned what it's right for you and automatically do what previously you had to do manually.


On the go? To busy to get into see your hearing professional?

In another country but can't hear great? No problem with Starkey Laboratories remote care feature you can connect to your hearing care professional remotely.

They can then do some fine tuning to try and help. All of this can be achieved without you being near your local hearing clinic.


Starkey were the first hearing aid manufacturer to offer Lithium Ion recharge-ability. Their rechargeable hearing aid is arguably the neatest on the market. Compact design it has a smart charger option which can give you 4 hrs charge after only 7 minutes in the charger.


As well as translate languages and turn talk into text you can ask the Starkey PA many questions and it will provide the answers. You can also run a hearing aid test to check the health of your hearing aids and whether a visit to your hearing professional is required.

All our products come with a free 30 day trial & up to 5 year warranty.