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A newly designed hearing aid chip with 80% more transistors than the previous Signia model.



We have been waiting some time for something new and exciting from Signia. Signia who are owned by the Sivantos group who in turn bought Siemens Hearing Aids have really upped their game.

Their marketing is first class and their new head office in Singapore is something out of the next millennium. Not only have they improved their own brand but their purchase of Widex hearing aids and subsequent merger to WS audiology really does put them in an exciting position for the future.

Now their hearing aids are following suit! I’ve always been a fan of Signia particularly the Styletto hearing aid but there have been some holes in their game particularly around their pure charge and go models and their accompanying app. Well you’ll be glad to hear the new model is up there with the style and functionality of the awesome Styletto hearing instrument and then some.

The new Signia Xperience revolves around 5 key areas

Signia Xperience Your Sound

Your Sound Technology

Signia Xperience Acoustic Sensors

Acoustic Sensors

Signia Xperience Motion Sensors

Motion Sensors

Signia Xperience Dynamic Soundscape Processing

Dynamic Soundscape Processing

Signia Xperience Own Voice Processing

Own Voice Processing

The big area of discussion is Signia are claiming they are the first hearing aid manufacturer to offer a hearing aid with acoustic motion sensors. What does that mean for you?


A newly designed hearing aid chip with 80% more transistors than the previous Signia model. Your Sound technology is the combination of the Dynamic Sound Processing in the hearing aid and Own Voice Processing. Signia believe that this combination will give the wearer not only the best chance of hearing in background noise but also hearing the background noise while hearing speech in every direction.

Your Sound will allow you to experience the hearing world as it was meant to be heard. Most conventional hearing aids will try and reduce background noise so you can hear in front of you, with your sound technology the hearing aid will open the sound scape up so you can hear from all around you and still manage the back ground noise.


Signia have redesigned their internal hearing aid sensors and added an integral motion sensor. Signia are one of the few manufacturers who offer binaural streaming technology or e2e as they call it in their hearing aid. Binaural streaming is when both hearing aids talk to each other and tell each other what the other one is up to. All of this combined means the hearing aids can detect more variables than ever which in turn will provide the hearing instrument with more accurate information of the environment.

This will allow the processors to help understand how to deal with complex noise situations.


Motion sensors will allow the hearing aid to understand if the hearing aid wearer is walking, running or standing still. This is the first time motion sensors will be used in this unique way. This along with the acoustic sensors feed into the Dynamic Soundscape Processing part of the hearing aid. When combined it will focus on giving you the clearest hearing possible on a 360 degree plain.

If you the hearing aid wearer are walking with a friend to your left and a friend to your right but you are in a very busy street a conventional hearing aid will try and reduce what’s behind you so you can hear what is in front of you. This can be a disadvantage because when you turn to the left to hear you may struggle to hear who is on your right.

With DSP and motion sensor technology the hearing aid will know you are walking and along with acoustic sensors and e2e know that people are speaking from both sides.

The hearing aid will now open itself up while reducing unwanted noise and allow you to hear voices from both sides. This will offer a far more natural sound experience and allow you to hear better in background noise.


Everything effectively feeds into this part of the hearing aid. What the hearing aid is trying to achieve here is allowing you to hear when in complex situations with lots of background noise but also allow you to hear the full situation without trying to cut all the background noise out.

Most conventional hearing aids focus on classifying the environment you are in. So for example if you at a party and you are speaking to someone in front of you a conventional hearing aid will categorise that and try and close out the background noise so you can hear the speaker in front of you.

But what happens if someone is speaking slightly behind you and you need to hear them? Well Signia Xperience will focus on reducing the unwanted noise so you can hear the speaker in front but the hearing instrument will also look to open the environment up. So rather than cutting the noise out it will reduce it and allow speech in from a 360 degree plain. This will allow you to hear in a more realistic closer to normal hearing than a conventional hearing instrument.


Unique to Signia this has now been given a boost with the new hearing aid.

One of the key complaints with hearing aids particularly with new hearing aid wearers is their own voice sounds terrible. With OVP the hearing instrument will take real time measurements of the hearing aid wearers voice, process it to deliver a more natural sounding voice.

This can be essential for some patients as sometimes a new hearing aid user can reject hearing aids because they can’t get used to their own voice.

More than 90 percent of wearers report a natural sound experience while moving


Signia have also included a new charging station with the new instruments. I’m personally happy to see this as their old charger was not the best to look at. The design of everything including the hearing aid is so much sleeker and better.

The new hearing aid Signe Xperience comes with 20% more battery life from a single charge and the hearing instrument itself is 16% smaller.

The new colours are much nicer as well. The new hearing aid also comes with a really nice feeling rocker on the back so you can adjust the volume or perhaps change the hearing aid to the T Coil induction loop option (Have to order the T coil specific hearing aid).

The charger also doubles up as a dehumidifier which is a real handy feature. hearing instruments can because of where they are situated have water ingress or sweat. The dehumidifier will automatically dry the instruments over night which will preserve their performance day to day.


One thing we are difinatley glad to hear about @ Lanarkshire Hearing Centre is the new App from Signia for the Signia Xperience hearing aid. Signia have about 10 apps and it is very easy to get confused about which one to use especially for a hearing aid wearer. The great news is we now only have one app and if you have bought Signia hearing aids from us before you will be glad to hear its backwards compatible.

The App will also work with apple and android phones.

One of the key features of the Signia App is the ability to choose the directionality of the hearing aids. The spatial configurator setting effectively allows you to choose which direction you wish to hear from and will turn the other directions down. We have found this to be a very popular little feature.


Like most hearing aids now you can stream music or telephone calls to your hearing aids.

The hearing aids are made for I phone hearing aids or MIFI meaning your iPhone or iPad will stream direct to the hearing instrument giving you music or calls in both ears.

For Google or Android you will need an assistive device known as the Signia Streamline Mic to pair the Signia Xperience to your phone.

This is a small device that clips on to your lapel which gives you the added bonus of hands-free calling.

It can also be doubled up as a remote microphone which you can give to someone to wear. This will then transfer their voice direct to your hearing aids. Really handy if you go to a lot of lectures or even if you are out for lunch in a noisy café.

For more info on assistive devices click here.

The new Signia Xperience hearing aid will come in 3 different models and 3 different levels of Technology

The models will include:

  • Signia Xperience Pure 312 X which is battery operated
  • Signia Xperience Pure Charge & Go X which is the rechargeable option
  • Signia Pure 312 X T-Coil which is also battery operated but will have a telecoil for those who require it

The technology levels will be:

  • Pure 7X
  • Pure 5X
  • Pure 3X