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Be Brilliant with Pure Charge&Go NX

Convenient wireless rechargeability and Bluetooth on all levels

Try Signia Pure Charge&Go NX for 30 days with our, no deposit, no obligation trial

Streams to your phone and tablet

Signia hearing technologies all action all-encompassing rechargeable hearing aid. Connects to your phone to stream calls and connects to your tablet to stream video music or skype.

Rechargeable hearing aid so no need to worry about fiddly batteries. These are the most popular and convenient hearing aids for most wearers.

This hearing aid is available in the whole range.

If you like everything in your ear.


Signia 10 Pure NX

Signia Pure 10
NX 7

Signia 10 Pure NX

Signia Pure 10
NX 5

Signia 10 Pure NX

Signia Pure 10
NX 3

Signia 10 Pure NX

Signia Pure 10
NX 2

Signia 10 Pure NX

Signia Pure 10
NX 1

Active Pro

Ready to wear, Signia Active Pro combines iconic user-friendly design similar to premium consumer earbuds with audiological high-tech.

Styletto AX

Styletto AX hearing aid from Signia is a little different. A fully rechargeable hearing instrument.

Silk NX

Signia offer a wide range of invisible NX from their off the shelf Silk NX to their invisible custom.

Platinum Plus Hearing Aid Prices

Plantinum Plus

£3595 PER PAIR
The Platinum Plus hearing aids will put your hearing on par with your friends who have normal hearing.
Platinum Hearing Aid Prices


£2895 - £3095 PER PAIR
Our Platinum hearing aids have the fastest processors and are able to mirror your hearing loss more accurately.
Gold Hearing Aid Prices


£2495 - £2695 PER PAIR
Our Gold hearing aids are like all our products sourced from the worlds finest manufacturers.

All our products come with a free 30 day trial & up to 5 year warranty.

Silver Hearing Aid Prices


£1995 - £2295 PER PAIR
Deal with very challenging background noise situations such as restaurants very effectively.
Bronze Hearing Aid Prices


£1495 - £1895 PER PAIR
Our Bronze still offer hearing levels that have superior sound quality and efficient background noise suppression.
Entry Level Hearing Aid Prices

Entry Level

£995 - £1295 PER PAIR
Our entry-level digital range of hearing aids offer clear, natural and comfortable listening in unchallenged environments.