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Phonak the largest manufacturer in the world when it comes to hearing technology and communications combined.

Phonak have launched their latest ALL NEW hearing instrument called the Paradise. As with most hearing aids these days or certainly new ones Phonak went for RIC only.




Crisp Natural Sound.

Brilliant Speech Understanding.

Personalised Noise Cancelling.

NEW Phonak Paradise 30 Day Trial

What is a RIC?

Ric is receiver in the Canal and is by far the most popular not to mention best style of hearing aid for any patient.

So what do I mean by ALL NEW? Well most hearing aid manufacturers keep bringing out new products but they’re not really new. The processing chip in a hearing aid is the engine room. This is the part where the magic happens. We at Lanarkshire Hearing Centre consider a NEW hearing aid a completely new processing chip. Anything less than this and it’s just an update.

Phonak as a company are the masters of the update. They’re last hearing aid processing chip was about for almost 6 years but there was 4 NEW hearing aids in all that time….. But were they new NO!

Want to know more?

Well step aside because the Paradise is indeed new!

The New Paradise from Phonak builds on the feature packed
Marvel Hearing aids.

Lets look at some very key upgrades

PRISM processing chip

This is the main one. This is the engine. The processing chip. With twice the memory and 4 x the processing speed the new Phonak Paradise offer far better possibilities than its very successful predecessor the Phonak Marvel. More memory and more speed means more features and what’s most important far better sound quality and far better hearing to go with it.

Better Noise Reduction

Your new Phonak Paradise hearing aids offer far better noise reduction. They also offer customisable noise reduction so you can choose how much better you want to hear in noise using the action packed My Phonak APP.

Speech Enhancer

You know those friends that you just cant hear? The ones that whisper at you all the time? Well Phonak have heard you and with Speech Enhancer Phonak Paradise will lift those soft voices when in quiet and help make them audible for you.

Motion Sensors

When Signia launched the Excellent X series of hearing instruments this year they were the first manufacturer to offer true motion sensor technology. Well Phonak have seen the value in this and now offer this technology. This feature will detect when you move and help adjust the hearing aids functions to help you hear better in dynamic situations.

Tap Controls

An industry first. Probably the most impressive feature on the hearing aids. If your phone rings don’t worry looking for it just double tap your hearing aids and voila! Call answered and you can happily speak to your loved one completely hands free. You can also stream your music through the hearing aids and pause or play the streaming with double tap?

Talk to Siri, Alexa or Google assistant

Voice systems are all the rage today! Connect your phone to your hearing aids double tap them and say ‘ Alexa where can I get a curry’ and Alex will answer you with the nearest curry house through your hearing aids! Now how cool is that!

Unrivalled Bluetooth Connection

Paradise can connect with up to 8 different devices. The real benefit though is it can connect to 2 devices at any one time. What does that mean? Have 2 phones? Work and personal? Well no need to disconnect your hearing aids from one phone to use another the Phonak Paradise will stay connected to both. Now that’s a first!

Personalised Digital Solutions

Phonak has developed empowering smart apps to unleash the full potential of Paradise. These apps provide access to features that allow a personalised customer experience.

My Phonak App 4.0

Phonak have updated their brilliant APP which allow you to control the hearing aid volume as well as individually select how much noise reduction you want or like a graphic equaliser you can play with different sound frequencies to tailor the sound the way you like it.

Most people struggle in noise and sometimes this can be very difficult to explain to your audiologist. Many times you have to visit the clinic and get your aids adjusted then re adjusted in the hope you will get that one setting to help you hear better in noise.

With the my Phonak APP for Phonak Paradise hearing aids you can take control of your sound and individualise. If you find the sound quality you like in your favourite café just hit save and it will always be there for you every time you visit!

Hearing Diary 2.0

When you visit us @ Lanarkshire Hearing Centre for your follow up after wearing the hearing aids for a few weeks sometimes it can be difficult to remember what went really well and what could be better. So few of us carry pen and paper so we try and store it in our brain and its never there when we need it most.

With Phonak Paradise hearing diary you can automatically take the notes you need from your phone and send them to us live in the situation you are living at that moment. This will be sent to us in real time and help us prepare for your next visit!

Universal Connectivity

Phonak AudéoParadise is equipped for universal connectivity. It provides direct connectivity to iOS and Android smartphones, TVs, Roger devices and wireless accessories. This allows for a spectrum of possibilities for hearing aid wearers as compatibility is practically limitless.

Remote Support

So you have contacted us @ Lanarkshire Hearing Centre to tell us about some adjustments that are required but you cant make it in. Not to worry with remote support we can connect to your hearing aids through your phone and adjust them for you without you even coming to the clinic.

Remote Hearing Test

Nothing beats a real in clinic hearing test but sometimes this is not possible. The current Covid climate is testament to that! If you think your hearing has changed we can connect to your Phonak Paradise hearing aids using your Phone and carry out a hearing test through your hearing aids.

Phonak SWORD Tv Streamer

Arguably the best TV streamer on the market the Phonak Paradise hearing aids will give you cinematic quality sound when watching your favourite TV programmes. The Phonak TV streamer delivers the sound from the TV right into your ear drums maximising the sound quality without fade from the distance the sound needs to travel from the TV to your ears. We would recommend every Phonak Customer tries this with their paradise hearing aids.
Phonak Audeo Paradise Hearing Aids

Wireless connectivity

The new Phonak Paradise hearing instruments come with all the wireless connectivity that was available in the Phonak Marvel range of products. As a hearing system there is not much that can beat the Phonak Paradise.

When we say hearing system we don’t just mean the hearing aids we mean the devices that link to the hearing aids to help people hear in very complex situations.

The new Phonak Paradise hearing instruments connect directly to the amazing Phonak Roger system. The Phonak Roger system gives you superhuman ability to hear in noise so much so that you can hear better than someone with normal hearing. For more information on Phonak Roger.


All Phonak Paradise products come with a 30 day free trial. Please contact Lanarkshire Hearing Centre if you would like to experience the sound of Phonak Paradise.