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The Audeo from Phonak is a very versatile model of hearing aid and is Phonak's best selling hearing aid in the UK by far.



Audeo is the model that reverts to the Phonak Receiver In Canal model or RIC as is more commonly known.

The B stands for Belong and denotes Phonak's latest chipset the previous chipset before this being V and the product before that being Q.

Always make sure you are getting B when ordering your new Phonak aids as the chipset is far superior to the previous models.

It comes in various formats from Audeo B Rechargable which only take 3 hrs to charge and give you a full day and nights usage to Audeo B direct which allows you to stream music, TV and the telephone direct to your hearing aids.


Uses litheium ion technology and offers superior charging function over its competitors. The Audeo rechargeable also has very neat charging capabilities that allows you to charge your hearing aids even when you have no access to electricity!


The first hearing aid to allow mobile streaming to any phone whether android, classic or iPhone. Phonak Audeo B direct allow you to answer and talk to friends and family on the phone without even having to take the phone out of your pocket.

Audeo B direct also comes with a truly brilliant TV streamer which uses Phonak's proprietary 2.4 GHz technology in the form of its sword chip.

This is technology taken from its communications branch which makes some of the best radio technologies in the world.

The Audeo B from Phonak comes in different shapes and sizes. To suit the vainest amongst us you can get the smallest of the range size 10. This comes in a tiny package but still retains the brilliant OS feature from Phonak and the binaural streaming function where the hearing aids talk to each other.

Sometimes you lose this function when you make small hearing aids but Phonak have managed to keep this key element in despite its dainty size.

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Did you know? The referees in the world cup while communicating VAR descisions were doing so using the Phonak wireless headsets?

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