Are you looking for clear, rich sound, universal connectivity and multifunctionality, all in one? Check Marvel hearing aids by Phonak and fall in love at first sound!



Phonaks latest and brand new hearing aid the Marvel is finally here.

This is Phonak's latest flag ship product and will supersede the now old Audeo B also known as Audeo Belong hearing aids.

Phonak use the quip 'Love at first sound' to describe their latest model and if early experience is to go by they're not far wrong.

As a product this is a long overdue hearing instrument to the Phonak portfolio. Phonak have been way behind other hearing aid manufactures such as Oticon and GN resound when it has come to wireless connectivity. Phonak's attempt at catching up was to be honest a stop gap in their Audeo B direct instruments.

What the Audeo B direct instruments did not have the new Phonak Audeo Marvel has in spades.

Phonak Audeo Marvel Hearing Aids
Every manufacturer who has direct connectivity has managed to stream music or phone calls to both ears. The limiting factor though has this has only been capable with IPhones. Phonak Launched the Audeo B direct to counter Oticons OPN 1.2, 3 and GN Resounds Linx 3d 9,5.7 not forgetting Starkey's Halo range of direct to iPhone hearing instruments. To be honest this was a weak hand. Although Phonak claimed that the Audeo B direct would work with any phone it only streamed to one ear. So if
Phonak Audeo Marvel Hearing Aids
The great news is the Marvel is the only hearing aid that has direct streaming to both ears from any phone The new Phonak marvel for now is in a class of its own when it comes to direct connectivity to any phone. GN Resound will be the next big manufacturer to offer this feature.
Phonak Audeo Marvel Hearing
The Phonak Marvel Hearing instrument allows you to take calls without even locating your Phone. If the phone rings your hearing aids ill ring also. By pressing a button on your hearing aid the you will answer the call. Both your microphone and speaker are all built into the hearing aid. This is very exciting if you are on the move and take a lot of calls.
Phonak Audeo Marvel Hearing
Otosense Os is Phonak's binaural voice streaming technology. This is where the hearing aids talk to each other share information then select the best listening programmes dependent on the environment. Otosense OS has a limitless pot of settings. Its an amazing feature which was missed from the Audeo B direct.
Phonak Audeo Marvel Hearing
Phonak were first to market with Lithium Ion technology hearing aids. The new Phonak Marvel will be fully rechargeable using Lithium ion. This is the only way to in rechargeable hearing aids so this along with Otosense OS & connect to any phone really does make this a hearing aid to beat.
Phonak Audeo Marvel Hearing
Not only will Phonak Marvel users have the added benefit of otosense os the new Marvel hearing instruments will benefit from Phonaks propriety sword chip and their fantastic TV streamer. The TV streamer is easy to use and offers crystal clear sound across a 2.4 GHz network with very little drain on the battery. This allows the user to enjoy TV at a volume that suits them without disturbing friends or family.
Phonak Audeo Marvel Hearing
Phonak joins GN Resound with their remote support function. Remote support allows you to connect to your hearing care professional without actually visiting your hearing clinic. This offers a new level of convenience especially for house bound patients or patients who travel a lot. Imagine you are in a difficult situation and you can't hear. Your hearing care professional connects to your hearing aids live while you are in this situation and adjusts them there and then.
Phonak Audeo Marvel Hearing
Phonak have produced an industry first here. A brilliant function that turns speech on the phone into visible text. If someone really struggles on the phone the new Phonak Marvel function will take the speech from your caller and turn it into text so you can read it on your phone. No need to avoid phone calls because you can't hear.

Phonak have just launched a series of outstanding upgrades to their Marvel 2.0 hearing aids.

  • New APP
  • Direct connectivity to Phonak’s Amazing Roger system find out more on Roger here
  • Phonak Introduce Bolero Marvel hearing system range
  • New partner remote mic 

Phonak’s New App

Phonak’s New improved APP that has been designed to pair with the Phonak Marvel hearing aids is a massive leap forward over the old Phonak App.

The old app was always lacking when you compared it to the likes of GN Resound and Signia. This was surprising really when you think of all the cool features the new Phonak Marvel’s came with.

Well gladly the new Marvel 2.0 is up there if not leading when it comes to app-based control of hearing aids.

Custom tune your hearing aids

The new Phonak Marvel 2.0 App now let’s you custom build hearing aid programmes and save them. Let’s say your in a noise environment but can’t quite hear your granddaughter. You may think the volume is ok but the speech is far from perfect.

With the new app you could adjust the treble and increase the high pitch of your granddaughter’s voice while reducing the bass to take away some of the unwanted background noise coming through your hearing devices.

You can also decrease the noise bit tune up the speech using the Noise reduction feature along with the speech focus feature.

Once you are happy with the settings you can save it and access it again at a time of your choosing.

This gives you true power over the functionality of your hearing aids and how they sound to you.

Phonak Marvel 2.0 Hearing Diary

Another great feature that allows you the user to communicate with us your hearingcare professional. One of the big challenges we have as hearingcare professionals is to try and understand your needs in certain environments.

It’s also a challenge for you to remember what you are experiencing and then putting it into words especially if those words need to be communicated 2 weeks after the event.

With the new Phonak Marvel hearing aid diary you can now in situ diary your experience then send it live to your audiologist who in turn can either invite you in to solve your problem or when its suitable tune your hearing aids remotely without you visiting the clinic.

Direct Connectivity to Roger by Phonak

This for us here @ Lanarkshire Hearing Centre is the most exciting update. I have written extensively on the Roger system and how amazing it is and you can read all about it here

The Roger system is without doubt the best assistive device technology on the market. The ability of this system to help you hear in background noise is unparalleled.

The major problem previously with Roger connecting to your hearing aids was that you either needed an unsightly big addition that attached to your hearing aids or you had to wear something dangling round your neck.

Well I’m glad to say no more!! Now with the new Roger Direct from Phonak Marvel 2.0 we can say goodbye to ugly attachments.

The Roger system coupled with the Phonak Marvel 2.o direct streaming instruments truly make this hearing aid a contender to be beaten.

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