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The Enzo 3D by resound is GN's answer to power or super power hearing aids.

GN Resound Enzo 3D Hearing Aids

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This area of the hearing instrument market was dominated by Phonak for many years. Not now. Although the Phonak Naida is still a firm favourite with us here at Lanarkshire Hearing Centre it’s no longer the only show in town.

GN Resound claims that the Enzo hearing aid will offer you 60 % better clarity of sounds around you and 60% better speech in noise over rival products from PhonakUnitron, Widex, OticonSivantos or Starkey.

Bold claims but judging by feedback from customers they may well be right.

Resound One

Hear like no other. ReSound ONE™ with M&RIE (Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear) introduces a new class of hearing aids.

Linx Quattro

Hear your world, your way. Introducing the new full range of premium, high-performance ReSound LiNX Quattro hearing aids.

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The real beauty of these instruments is it allows hearing aids users with profound hearing loss access to all the great things that people with the Linx 3d or Linx Quattro would benefit from.

Power hearing aid users can now stream phone calls music and have a functional controllable app that they can engage their hearing aids with.

This is massive for power users. Power users tend to have a better understanding of their needs therefore the ability for them to adjust their own setting will be a huge welcome addition.

Power users historically also struggle with phone calls so streaming calls to both ears will be a huge selling point to many of these users.

Try Enzo 3D Hearing Aids for 30 days with our, no deposit, no obligation trial

70% speech improvement

Use FaceTime video calls with ReSound ENZO 3D and experience 70% improvement in speech compared to audio only phoning.

Like wireless headphones

Like wireless headphones

Stream any
phone call

Stream any

Stream any audio