Pushing Boundaries

We give you the best chance

As we have mentioned a hearing aid is only part of the journey. Hearing aids will not return your hearing to normal nor will they magically make everything better!

This will require hard work and a good coach. Also after 6 – 8 ft hearing aids will struggle to pick up voices especially in noise.

the journey to better hearing

Phonak Roger System Teacher Singing
We work with Phonak’s market leading ROGER systems.

Makes hearing a pleasure

Phonak Roger technology accessories help hearing aid wearers to enjoy multimedia content by connecting them TV, Video Conference & more.

communicate in the most challenging environments

Phonak’s Roger systems allow you to communicate in the most challenging environments by placing a processor on the person you really want to hear.

Even placing a small device in a restaurant which will not only cut out back ground noise but actually focus in on the friends you want to hear and cut out the one’s you don’t!

Phonak Roger

Phonak Roger will work with just about any hearing aid.
Hand holding Phonak Roger System
Regardless of where you got your hearing aids please come in and have a try it seriously could be a game changer!