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A Hearing Aid Is Only Part Of the Journey!

Keeping You Healthy

Lanarkshire Hearing Centre’s sole focus is on your ears and your hearing needs. We firmly believe that a hearing care company should focus on ears and nothing else!

We are here to serve you 6 days a week and we will come to your home as we fully understand that for some of our patients it can be difficult to visit our hearing centre.

Personalised care to suit your specific needs

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Enjoy the sounds life has to offer.

Our aftercare is absolutely free

You can use this whenever you feel you need to. We encourage you to visit us if you have a problem or reach out to us if you can’t make the centre and we will visit you.

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LifeStyle Coaching

Quality Care that lasts
Well being is a massive part of what we do. Both Anne & Steven have worked in leadership roles and found they got the best out of their teams when they really focused on their well being. Wellbeing applies to hearing loss & rehabilitation to hearing aids to.

Hearing aids are only part of the journey. It is very important to understand this.

You may have heard of many people who have had hearing aids and they have ended up in a drawer! This is not good. There are a few reasons for this the main ones being wrong hearing aid fitting and technology and poor coaching and rehabilitation. As an experienced life coach we offer in depth sessions to help you adjust to your new ears and help you get that confidence back so you can get back out there and live in full pursuit of your happiness.

We welcome you to Lanarkshire Hearing Centre regardless of what hearing aids you are wearing or where you got them from.

30 day free trial

We offer a no-obligation, free trial on all our hearing devices.

Our aim is to give you the best hearing care experience for your whole hearing health journey.

We see you as a patient for life and will work hard on your behalf to make sure you enjoy the sounds life has to offer for as long as you are wearing hearing aids.